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Mexican Tenderness by Jordan Ferreira

The talented photographer Jordan Ferreira @jordanferreirax presents Mexican Tenderness, a gorgeous fashion editorial with the really good looking models Abraham Jimenez @abrahamjimag represented by Broke Model Management @broke_mm and Capital Model Management @capitalmodel and Adan Avilez @adanavilezz represented by Wanted Bang @wanted_bang.

Male friendships are often depicted as aggressive and stereotypically masculine, with activities like horseplay, flexing, or pranking each other. But young men can also have very tender relationships, where they enjoy being close to one another and feeling each other’s presence. “I always strive to capture the tender and playful side of young men in my photography, and I saw an opportunity to demonstrate that tenderness with Abraham and Adan,” says the photographer Jordan Ferreira.

This editorial came spontaneously during a shoot for his upcoming book series, Chico Chico. Abraham and Adan were both modeling for the book and he noticed that they became fast friends and were having a lot of fun with each other. “I immediately shifted focus for a bit to capture the affection they were showing towards one another. Closeness between young men can come in many forms and I wanted these photos to show deep comfort with one another.”

“These two beautiful young Mexicans are showing that behind the typical charade of masculinity, young men just want to feel connection too. And once you get past the places where only certain behaviors are acceptable, and past the rigid definitions of “machismo,” you reveal the basic human connections we all desire. Behind closed doors, male friends can be playful, intimate, and even platonically flirtatious, and I wanted to demonstrate those beautiful moments through this editorial.”

“I wanted the photos to capture the connection between the boys without too much else going on. However, I didn’t want it to feel like a studio shoot either. We were in a beautiful home in Mexico City and found a couple locations where the home would complement the boys’ looks without becoming the focus of the photo. Even the Chinese dresser acts as a colorful backdrop rather than steal the spotlight. The goal was for these to feel like portraits of intimacy between two friends, and I believe the final product captures that.”

The equipment used was a Cannon Mark IV DSLR with two Profoto B10 lights and it took place in a beautiful house in Mexico City.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Pablo Picasso

The models were playful, friendly, and confident wearing mesh shorts from Muscle Alive. They knew they looked sexy, but were never conceited. Two perfect, Mexican beauties that would never make you feel excluded. 

Models Abraham Jimenez @abrahamjimag represented by Broke Model Management @broke_mm and Capital Model Management @capitalmodel and Adan Avilez @adanavilezz represented by Wanted Bang @wanted_bang photographed by Jordan Ferreira @jordanferreirax, hair and makeup by Daniel Duarte @soydanielduarte, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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