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Since 2017, when the world came to know his name, Mekhi Lucky has been true to himself showing everyone that staying original can take you to those places you may have been only dreaming of in the past.

He has been really active ever since, and has not shown any signs of wanting to stop. Among others, he has been modeling for big names in the fashion industry like Dior, LaQuan Smith, Phillip Plein, and Helmut Lang.

Like many others, probably you also have been lured by his heterochromia (the condition responsible for the color differences of his eyes); perhaps, you have been seduced by his low-toned voice, or maybe you have perceived the je ne sais quoi most photographers and fashion designers have seen in him.

Regardless of his appealing physique, Mekhi Lucky is a confident yet sympathetic person who has not stayed focused on past errors but has his mind in future projects and is really conscious about social issues that must change as soon as possible.

I invite you to keep reading this interview with Mekhi Lucky and hope you can check out the nice advice he has shared with us.

Q: You have been quite busy during these years, what can you tell us about the next projects and your plans for the future?

A whole lot of modeling; more campaigns, and also a whole lot of new things.

Q: Do people still bother you for your past?

Not really, I don´t really have any problems due to my past.

Q: What is your message to all the young guys who are struggling with trying to figure out what to do with their lives?

Whatever you feel like you are great at in life, in general, what you do best; if it’s drawing all the way to skateboarding, ̶ you know what I am saying? ̶  Make sure you strive in that job. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can`t do whatever you want to do. Simple!

Q: You have been the face and body of big fashion campaigns around the world; time ago, were your skin color or origins some of the issues you had to deal with before you were hired as a model?

My skin color and my origins were never a problem. Not while growing up, no now.

Why do you support the Black Lives Matter movement?

Why do I support this movement? Because I am black!

Q: What is your opinion about representation and the media?

The media is where the money is at, but don’t let your mind get stuck in its junk, on the phones, and all the crazy things about technology.

Q: Which advice would you give to all those teenagers who want to pursue a career as models and other fashion-related occupations?

Do it! Do it! And do it hard; then, go harder for it.

Q: 2020 has been a difficult year, how did you manage to stay safe both physically and mentally during the last months?

Workout; eat very healthy, and slower. Eat more fruits too; make sure you do all that. Remember that in fruits you find the purest water you could ever drink.

Q: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

I want to thank you, I appreciate you all, and I love you all. Lucky out!

Before we go

As Mekhi Lucky has told in the conversation we had, determination is something we must never forget. Working hard and keep improving yourself can help you in that journey to find your path in this life; that kind of attitude worked for him, and he keeps doing his best.

How about we follow his example?

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