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Mason Versaw: from the get-go

Mason Versaw has a gentle face and a heart on fire. The Boo, Bitch actor dropped by to talk about those passions that move him, working with some of the biggest names in current Hollywood, and ways he has been learning to be better. So, get ready to know him from the get-go.

This versatile actor also talked about his plans for the future and all the Boo, Bitch experience. Therefore, we invite you to read the exclusive interview with Mason Versaw only here, on Vanity Teen!

Mason Versaw
Mason Versaw @masonversaw | Photos by Jonny Marlow @jonnymarlow

Like a dream

VT: What can you tell us about your life, and how did you become an actor?

MV: I grew up in a very creatively nurtured home. Where my mom only ever encouraged my other four siblings and me to be expressive through art. Growing up, I admired my siblings being in the high school plays because it seemed like fun, so when my time came, I did it mainly for social reasons. But in the 10th grade, I auditioned hesitantly for the school’s musical Les Mis and got the lead role of Marius, which became what made me fall in love with the art and eventually pursue it.

VT: Being part of the film Tick, Tick… BOOM! may have felt like a dream come true. How do you recall that experience?

MV: It totally was like a dream when I got it. I remembered being in my local community theater’s production of West Side Story when I was 17 (by the way, shout out to the Ashtabula Art Center), and that’s when Hamilton was at its peak. So, when I found myself shooting a scene where we flash back to 16-year-old Jonathan Larson performing in his production of West Side, and I’m him but also being directed by Lin f*cking Manuel Miranda, it was a beautiful experience. I couldn’t be any more grateful.

VT: Generally, how do you get ready for a role?

MV: I always establish what the arc of the character is. And then, I sort of try to understand their personal life and usual routine the best I can, so I can feel confident when putting on the character’s shoes, but Jake C. was basically me in his energy. So, it was quite easy to take on.

Mason Versaw
Mason Versaw | Photos by Jonny Marlow

From the get-go

VT: How was it, and what did you do when you found out you would be part of Boo, Bitch?

MV: My audition process was pretty nuts. The first audition I gave was actually too dramatic, so they requested that I be more comedic with my energy. When I got another callback, I was out of town, and it was time critical, so I had to Google Hang my brother to help me; but when I called him, we would discover my audio and camera stopped working, so my brother was actually reading to himself and would have to time my lines in his head so he wouldn’t step on my own.

It took forever to do, but after several hours, we managed, and I can say with full confidence I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am now without my brother!

It was funny. I literally just landed from shooting Tick Tick… BOOM! when I got the call from my agent that I got the part, but it was the most exciting and proud moment I had the pleasure of experiencing.

VT: Were you intimidated by knowing that in Boo, Bitch you were supposed to be the love interest of miss Lana Condor? How did you two get along?

MV: Maybe slightly intimidated by the big name I was anticipating working with. But, once you’re up-close working on set with these people, you realize they are just people, and you never had anything to be intimidated by from the get-go (laughs). But we got really close during our shoot; in fact, I actually provided her with her first-ever experience of getting Taco Bell which I found to be monumental, but sadly, I think she was unimpressed since she’s such a foody.

VT: According to you, what is the thing people will love the most about Boo, Bitch?

MV: The quick pace and offbeat comedy. The actors truly bring so much, too, that I find the audience will enjoy.

Boo, Bitch | Official Trailer | ©Netflix

Staying productive

VT: What are your plans for the future?

MV: Just staying productive in exercising my writer’s muscle and hopefully taking some time to travel and see different ways of life a bit more.

VT: How do you take care of your mind and body?

MV: I always aim to meditate when I wake up every day on my back porch at home. I also have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week lately. Looking to be better with my diet; though I love some good unhealthy food, I can’t lie.

VT: Which words would you like to share with those young people who might be needing some cheer up today?

MV: It’s easy to notice the negative often, but there is wisdom in finding the awareness to take the time to note what good you have in your life right now because, previously, you always longed to be where currently you are now.

Mason Versaw  - Vanity teen
Mason Versaw | Photos by Jonny Marlow

Before we go

Mason Versaw is so much fun you want to hang out with him most time possible. But, since none of us sadly can be around him 24/7, we invite you to stay tuned with his upcoming projects and enjoy Boo, Bitch, which is available on Netflix right now.

Despite the things he has gone through, he still thinks life has been good to him and invites us to spread that optimism we need more than ever to face life with gratitude and humbleness. So, let us be grateful and share kindness with everyone.


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