Masculin by Alexandre Ean Masculin by Alexandre Ean Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Masculin by Alexandre Ean

Exclusive photoshoot for Vanity Teen print issue #14 Spring Summer 2021 in Paris

Photographer: Alexandre Ean @alexandreean
MUAH: Amanda Silaen @amandas.mua
light assistant Léo @studio_525
Assisted by: Capucine Levi @capucinelucelevi
Assisted by: Manvi Bathnagar @manvee.bee
Stylist: Sullivan Gumb @sul.gumb


Yacine @1_go_1_e
Tristan @tristanglasel
Matthias represented Agency (MManagement) Paris @matthias.elkoulali
Marin (MManagement) @judas_marin
Ferdinand (MManagement) @ferdigstn
Maxime @iammeximesamo
Lyul (Marilyn) @lyuldong
Sekhou (Rockmen) @sekhoudrame
Sekou (16MEN)

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