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Mariani Piaget: there is no such thing as a perfect human being

Mariani Piaget is a model and fashion entrepreneur famous for her honesty and groundbreaking thoughts on how the media has been exposing unrealistic beauty standards for ages. Among the many projects she is involved with, today she is focusing on representing Monaco at Miss Continental Europe 2022, and so we decided to have a conversation to talk about her life and her views on the ways the fashion industry is currently changing.

We invite you to keep reading and realize you will also agree with her when she states that there is no such thing as a perfect human being.

Mariani Piaget
Mariani Piaget | Dress: Riana Gabriel. Photos: Anny Groteske

Reconstitute it with gold

VT: How did you get involved with the fashion world?  Do you remember how that passion started in you?

MP: I was born with this inside of me. From a very young age, I already took pictures, and every time I got to places, I drew attention.

VT: How do you recall your experience in the Istituto Marangoni and how that formal education has helped you in life?

MP: The Instituto Marangoni is like a dream for everyone in the fashion industry. I was blown away by everything, and it was an amazing experience for me.

I took an advanced course in Fashion Business; was especially for Brazilians, had simultaneous translation to understand a little more about the luxury fashion market.

VT: What are your thoughts about the currently changing beauty standards in the fashion industry?

MP: I think these changes in beauty standards are extremely important. People put a lot of weight on you, especially on those who, like me, work with their image and social networks.

Some audiences want a perfect human being, and that doesn’t exist. We all have pores, cellulite, and various defects. But that’s what makes us unique!

Some time ago, some asked me about a scar I have and also asked me if I was interested in having plastic surgery, so I mentioned the following example of some Japanese communities: when something breaks, they don’t throw it away; on the contrary, they reconstitute it with gold because, for them, when something gets harm means that it has a story and that makes it even more special.

VT: In which projects are you working on nowadays?

MP: Right now, I am fully dedicated to the contest.

VT: Which plans do you have for the future?

MP: I have several professional plans. I want to continue working as a digital influencer, and I also want to create my clothing brand. But on a personal level, my dream is to start a family, get married, and have children.

Mariani Piaget
Mariani Piaget | Dress: Riana Gabriel. Photos: Anny Groteske

There is no such thing as a perfect human being

VT: Do you have any guilty pleasures? How so?

MP: The candies! But I don’t blame myself for it because, in my life, everything is in balance.

VT: Which simple things of life make you feel happy or grateful?

MP: I am an extremely grateful person; I give thanks for everything at all times, from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. I thank God for everything and for allowing me to live. I believe that just being alive is a reason to express gratitude.

VT: The fashion industry can be demanding at times, so how do you preserve your mental health?

MP: It’s not easy. For this very reason, I just agreed to participate in the contest now, as I feel psychologically prepared. But I know that criticism will come, and I will have to deal with all this.

VT: What message would you like to share with those who might be feeling peer pressure for being different?

MP: As I mentioned before, there is no such thing as a perfect human being because we all have strengths and weaknesses, and the perfect body doesn’t exist either.

I’ve met so-called perfect models, and after I’d seen them in person, I realized everyone has some flaw, and I think that’s what makes us prettier and also unique people.

These days we have a lot of filters on Instagram, and I think it’s been confusing people’s minds a lot because they’re looking for a standard of perfection that you can’t find.

VT: Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Vanity Teen?

MP: I would like to say something I always say: Believe in your dreams, however difficult they may be. I believe God doesn’t put a desire in your heart that he can’t fulfill.

It is common to see people criticizing and judging you, but, over time, I could understand why they act that way. They refuse to accept that you come from the same place, but, unlike them, you evolved.

So, whenever you excel at something, you will be judged, but don’t allow yourself to be affected by criticism and just follow your heart’s desire.

Before we go

Mariani Piaget is sure about what she wants in life and where she wants to go, she also represents young women who are not ashamed of lifting their voices to speak out about what is not right and celebrate our differences as well as our flaws as human beings.

For those who would like to keep posted on her and her new projects, she is very active on her social media @marianipiaget

Let us embraces those things that make us unique!

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