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Margarida Corceiro: the validation of my passion

Margarida Corceiro
Margarida Corceiro wearing MISSUS | Photo by Ismael Prata

Margarida Corceiro is a young Portuguese model who has been conquering everyone´s hearts with her optimistic attitude, kind messages, undeniable beauty, wittiness, and charming presence.

Thanks to her roles on TV she became a success in Portugal; then, because of social media and multiple fashions, sport, and beauty campaigns, she began to take over the world.

In this conversation for Vanity Teen, we talked to her about her life, career, and new projects; so, we invite you to keep reading to know more about Margarida Corceiro and find out what she calls the validation of her passion.

The validation of my passion

Margarita Corceiro on the beach
Margarida Corceiro wearing MISSUS | Photo by Ismael Prata

VT: What is your story of how you became a model?

MC: It all started when I was only 12 years old, as a result of a good coincidence.

At that time, a friend of my father, that was also a friend of Tó Romano (my agency’s director), showed some of my pictures to the Central Models team and they thought I might have the potential for fashion and scheduled a meeting with me.

I did a test shoot, it worked, and I ended up staying at Central Models. I am with them, until today!

VT: According to you, what are the perks and difficulties of your work?

MC: The perks are the luck of being able to do what I love to do (modeling, representing, and producing content on social media), having amazing professionals around me giving me amazing advice and making me grow professionally and personally, and have an amazing online community that is always prepared to support my work and to give me feedback.

The difficulties are related to the exposure of our personal life because when we are considered a public figure, the line between what we really want to share and what the press discovers or publishes is very thin or non-existent.

VT: Being in soap operas has allowed you to be somehow part of the lives of many people who follow these stories on TV. Thus, how has your experience been in TV shows like Prisioneira (Prisoner) and Bem Me Quer (Beloved)?

MC: Were incredible and overwhelming at the same time, I only realized the positive impact of soap operas on people’s lives when I started Prisioneira and started getting amazing messages, on social media, from people saying that we (all the cast) were like the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for hundreds of people who suffer daily from loneliness.

Also, it was amazing for me to know that the themes covered in these two projects were well received by the public and contributed somehow to creating a solid idea in people’s minds about these same themes. In fact, for me, this is the true power of culture and performing arts: giving the tools so that people can build critical thinking and have access to other realities than only to their own.

Speaking on the personal side of the question, Prisioneira was my first project on television and was the discovering of all the techniques, how to study the script and how to ‘birth’ a character, was my first contact with acting and it was really important for me to decide that acting is my passion, and my main priority for now.

Bem me Quer was the validation of my passion, and I worked to improve my skills and tried to save all the advice from my colleagues to combine with the techniques I was acquiring to achieve a positive professional development.

Margarida Corceiro
Margarida Corceiro wearing MISSUS | Photo by Ismael Prata

My main beauty trick

VT: What can you tell us about future projects?

MC: I cannot say as much as I would like to because I am at that stage where I cannot reveal almost anything. However, I can tell you that acting is my priority right now. And I will work hard to achieve my goals (I would like to get into an international production), and I’ll have amazing projects coming up on social media and fashion too.

 VT: When the pandemic started, you began to promote help for organizations that care for people during these times. Why do you consider we all should keep supporting similar projects and think about others?

MC: I think we all have to look at each other at all times, not just in a pandemic scenario. We live in communities, and, from my perspective, that is big enough for us to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

Today it´s someone else having a problem, tomorrow it can be me, so I like to act the way I would like them to act with me. Even if that never happens, that’s how my parents always taught me.

VT: How much do you like European soccer? Do you miss going to stadiums to support your teams?

MC: I just love it! Since I was little, I cheer up for Sporting Clube de Portugal, one of the main national teams in Portugal, and it was amazing for me to go back to the stadium to support my team! So, whenever I can, I go. I love the spirit!

VT: Which beauty tips could you share with our readers?

MC: This is going to sound a bit cliché, but I think my main beauty trick is balance. Balance in the diet. I try to have a rich, varied and unrestricted diet. Balance in exercise, neither more nor less; I exercise three times a week.

And of course, I recommend lots of hydration, drink water, make hair masks, use good body lotion.

Margarida Corceiro
Margarida Corceiro wearing MISSUS | Photo by Ismael Prata

Come and discover Portugal

VT: What do you do when you need to find some peace of mind?

MC: I am not a person who often needs to “turn off”, probably because I’m only 18, but when I need to distract myself from everything, I like to make plans with my family and friends! They are always my best therapy.

VT: Which message would you like to share with those people who might want to pursue a career in modeling or fashion?

MC: To never give up! And never give up on being themselves! These fashion and acting fields have a lot of people. The more diversity, personality, and difference we bring, the better!

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

MC: Yes, I would like to congratulate you on all the work that Vanity Teen has been doing! The fashion industry needs more informative and creative media like yours.

Besides that, I also take the opportunity to invite readers and Vanity’s team to come and discover Portugal. We have an amazing country full of talented people, great food, incredible weather, and unbelievable fashion talents and brands.

Margarida Corceiro
Margarida Corceiro wearing MISSUS | Photo by Ismael Prata

Before we go

Portugal is waiting for all of us to know its history, beautiful locations, natural beauties, and more, while the rest of the world is ready to embrace the many talents of Margarida Corceiro, this talented teenager whose upcoming fashion and acting projects will amaze us.

I hope that you, the same way I did, feel inspired to be a little like her and try balance as a lifestyle, use the love of our close ones as therapy, and always be open to celebrate the pretty things diversity brings to our life.

Let us rejoice in plurality.

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