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Male bags - why you need to wear them Male bags - why you need to wear them Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Male bags – why you need to wear them

Bags are best known for being a women accessory, but the truth is bags can also be worn by men. There is a wide range of amazing bags for men -designer bags and more affordable options- which we will tell you about in this post. You might not know it yet but you need to wear a bag as soon as possible and we are going to tell you why.

You are probably thinking that bags are not for you and you would rather not join the movement of male bags, but the truth is you need to wear bags more often and there are lots of options in the market. You’ll find one you’d die for.

The main reason why you should wear bags is a simple one: it makes your outfit be more cohesive and complete. Wearing a simple look without any accessory could be really boring. However, by wearing a bag you are adding another focal point to your outfit, drawing the attention to the bag and giving less importance to the simple outfit that would be dull by itself.

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As we can see in Marc Forne’s post on Instagram, he’s wearing a white shirt with black pants. We notice that the shirt’s collar and cuffs have white stones that really make a difference. Without them and without the bag this outfit would be very basic. However, the stones and the Burberry bag with all the other accessories (black nail polish and earrings) make a cohesive look overall. In fact, this bag he’s wearing is an embellished woman bag from Burberry but there is no doubt women bags can also be worn by men and vice-versa.

Furthermore, we need to mention some essential bags. The most iconic one that should be in any closet is the Saddle bag by Dior. They come in many types of sizes and materials but it doesn’t matter which your pick is because it’s gonna steal the show anyway.

Dior Oblique in blue jacquard. 
Male bags.
Dior Oblique in blue jacquard.

Brands such as Jacquemus is also adapting his iconic Chiquito bag for men with more designs and Dior has some amazing pieces from the last collection as well as some classics.

Although designer bags might seem the ones that clearly make a difference, there are also cheaper options that perform the same role and can also be show-stoppers.

ASOS is a website where you can find any type of bag for men. They sell from cheaper options up to designer bags so you can really decide and contrast between both options.

For more high finish bags closer to designer bags Zara offers an amazing range of designs that look quite expensive and of great quality. They offer mini bags but also big fancy handbags, sports bags and vest-like bags with military and industrial inspiration.

Male bags - why you need to wear them Male bags - why you need to wear them Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Urban Outfitters also offers some cool options. This brand has some amazing urban designs which are very attractive because of its uniqueness with different fabrics, tie-dye, patterns and of course different shapes and sizes.

Another great brand is PinqPonq, a German brand with a sustainable approach. “Pinqponq offers intelligently designed bags and accessories for a discerning carrier seeking thoughtful and timeless products. Combing smart travel systems, astute design detailing with 100% certified sustainable fabrication. pinqponq truly offers a fresh perspective to sustainable design without compromise.”

So if you are keen on starting to wear bags and also want to take care of the environment, this is definitely your type of brand. They offer a wide range of types of bags with different purposes: from backpacks to hip bags and many other types.

Pinqponq backpack

More and more brands are now getting into the game of male bags whether they are big or small businesses because it is an increasing fashion trend. We could never stop giving you store names in which you could buy these bags, but the best option is to search for yourself in your favorite stores and start looking for the shapes you prefer or colors you fancy the most.

In conclusion, you define your style and bags should be appropriate for your style but remember to grow and change. That way your style will be more mature and coherent.

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