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Machine-A collaborates with Olivia Rubens for ‘Photosynthesize’

The London-based store Machine-A @machine_a by Stavros Karelis is famous for featuring emerging talent, being one of the first retailers to carry names such as Craig Green, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, A-COLD-WALL*, Martine Rose, and JW. Anderson. Now, it announces its latest collab.

“Our overall goal for this project is to redefine the meaning of our relationships with our garments and empower people with individual agency in climate change solutions.”


Olivia Rubens @oliv.iarubens currently resides between the UK and Canada, she graduated from London College of Fashion in 2020. Her “positive knitwear” was shown at Helsinki Fashion Week and is predominantly genderless.

With MACHINE-A, the designer expands her development in biodesign. Drawing inspiration from 18th-century garments and Kintsugi, Rubens designs her collection through ethical alpaca, Tencel, organic wool and linen, and GOTS organic cotton, combined with vintage crocheted lace tablecloths, antique ceramic kitchen utensils, empty shampoo bottles, and household cleaners.

The point of the collection is a series of green clothing pieces that are photosynthetically coated with Post Carbon Lab, all of these pieces emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, and require indirect sunlight and regular misting to maintain their climate change support.

“At Machine-A, our goal is always to support and showcase emerging designers who, in addition to their creative talent, their proposal for the future of our industry is such that it creates new ways for everyone to think, be inspired and bring. positive change. ‘Photosynthesize’, a project by Olivia with the support of Post Carbon Lab, is the scientific result of transforming garments [into] living organisms and how we keep them alive in the environment we are in with our care. It’s a project that extends the lifespan of a garment and gives us a better understanding of the fundamental circular relationship between the environment, us and our clothes.”


Get the pieces of the collection in the official MACHINE A store.

Photographer: Oscar Foster-Kane@Oscarfosterkane
Styling by: Laura Vartianen@Lauravartiainen
Model: Di Lan @rantekiteki 
Set Design for in-store installation Mick O’Connell @mickoconn

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