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Landon Barker: Buried Deep In My Subconscious

The following excerpt is from the Fall/Winter ’22 issue of Vanity Teen.

Interview by Jatniel Villarroel

Interview by Jatniel Villarroel

Landon barker @landonasherbarker stripped down his soul to share it with Vanity Teen by telling us what is buried deep in his subconscious. This young artist embodies what Gen Z people represent and shows the fluidity new generations have built to make the world a kinder place.

He might be the son of Travis Barker, one of the most iconic millennial musicians. However, social media and the interconnection of the 21st century have made him a singular person who shines with his very own light and has millions of people who publicly love him to prove it.

For this exclusive interview with Landon Barker, we wanted to talk to the young man behind the lush life. I mean, the intimate artist
who wants to express through music what is inside his mind, the young person who subtly tells us with his actions that his career and achievements are just starting to peak. So, let us keep reading to find out how this turned out to be while we dig down inside the mind of our beloved Landon Barker, only here on Vanity Teen.

VT: Since you come from a family of well-known artists, what is the best advice your parents have ever given you?
LB: The best advice my dad has ever given me is that hard work and consistency pay off. I try to incorporate both ideas into my daily life wherever I can!
VT: Millions of followers have demonstrated their love and support for you. But also, many people seem annoyed with your happiness and achievements. So, how do you deal with haters?
LB: There is just as much love in this world as there is hate. So, I feel like it’s just a balance. I try not to read all the bad comments. Also, I do not let all the good comments go to my head. I try to just focus on positivity and all the good things I have going on in my life.
VT: Music has been a relevant part of your life. Therefore, how would you describe this aspect of you and the blessing of expressing yourself through music?
LB: It feels amazing to have the opportunity I have to express myself through music because I use it as a way to search for answers within myself that are buried deep in my subconscious.

VT: How would you describe your friendship and collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly?
LB: MGK is an incredible person and…

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FW’22 Cover. Landon Barker: Buried Deep In My Subconscious

Featuring: Landon barker @landonasherbarker
Photography: Anthony Barrios @anthony__giovanni
Creative Direction and Fashion by: Edwin J. Ortega @edwin.j.ortega
Production Assistants: Elizabeth Ortega @eli.ortega93 & Andrew Barrios @andrewbarrios1
Glam by : Elie Maalouf @elienmaalouf
Cinematography by: Jose Feng @wikicreativo. Shot at Hype Studios
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