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Knits in Nature by Dean Dumaré 

As part of the editorials made in collaboration with the London College of Style, we present the third of four stories made by their styling students. This time the story called “Knits in Nature” was made by stylists Hannah Harper (@__hannahjean) and Nicole Roberts (@nicolejrobertsxx) together with photographer Dean Dumaré (@deandumare), starring models Benji Lewis (@benji__lewis) and Elis (@elisbaglin) from Select Models London. About the editorial, the team commented:

“The story our editorial tells is of two boys holding onto the last bits of summer, being that they are dressed in AW wear. They are young and playful yet sad that winter is upon us. The colors in the AW vests reflect the same idea that even though they are in AW wear, they are still attached to bright summer colors.”

Production. Afonso Albano (@vegetarianlegend)

Photography: Dean  Dumaré  (@deandumare_)

Stylist: Hannah Harper (@__hannahjean)
Assistant Stylist: Nicole Roberts (@nicolejrobertsxx)

Models. Benji Lewis (@benji__lewis) and Elis (@elisbaglin) at Select Model Management London

Team. Makeup. Niall Candy (@niallcandymakeup)

Hairstylist. Tim Furssedon (@tfurssedon) using #wop products

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