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Katea Gramma: Sweeten Up The Kitty

The following excerpt is from the Fall/Winter ’22 issue of Vanity Teen.

We invite you to meet Katea Gramma @_kateagramma96_ , @gramma_ecaterina, a young model full of dreams who reminds us of the importance of being kind to ourselves. Since she made up her mind that kindness is a beautiful way to start the long way to achieving your goals, she realized that no matter if you fit stereotypes or not, in the end, your humanity is what makes you worthy.
Worthy of pursuing your dreams, worthy of being surrounded by your loved ones, worthy of showing the world all the things that make you particular, worthy of love.
So, as you enjoy this editorial entitled Sweeten Up The Kitty, be our guest to get to know her better in this exclusive interview for our Fall Winter 22 print edition.

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VT: What do you like the most about your job?
: To be honest, one of the best parts is being able to get to know hundreds of new people. Each of them is a different professional but also a distinct soul. They’ve got their own stories, perspectives, and emotions, and I feel nothing but privileged whenever they open up to me.

VT: Did you ever think you were not good enough or pretty
enough to pursue a career as a model? How so?

KG: Definitely! When I was 19 years old, a couple of people used to encourage me to take up modeling, but I didn’t believe I would make it in this branch. I thought they just made fun of me because back then, the fashion industry still promoted those unblemished beauty standards, which I couldn’t live up to, as you can guess. However, time passed, and I overcame these insecurities, so now, I don’t have such thoughts anymore

VT: Currently, how do you take care of your mental health?
: Through deep introspection, I managed to relieve the guilt I had felt for some mistakes in the past. Therefore, now I can cheerfully seek what my future holds. I constantly remind myself that I’ve only got one life and that it should be lived to the fullest. Consequently, I rarely or never let myself be influenced by other people’s opinions anymore, as long as I know I’m on a good pathway. I daresay that self-love is the best therapy

VT: What would you like to share about your origins and those
family values you always keep in mind?

KG: I was born and raised in Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe. Indeed, my core values were instilled in me by my parents. And they are somewhat basic but very strong. As a result, everything I do as an adult is directed by these childhood guidelines: I always think about my family and my beautiful country. And I strive to help my nearest and dearest. Also, I’d never refuse to lend a hand to the needy ones.

VT: Which fashion show or editorial do you always remember
and why?

KG: One moment I couldn’t possibly forget has to be my first…

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FW’22 Cover: Sweeten Up the Kitty by Sebastian Galin

Featuring model Katea Gramma @_kateagramma96_ , @gramma_ecaterina at Attitude Models @attitudemodels
Cat model: Kaly
Photographer: Sebastian Galin @iamsebastiangalin
Creative director & styling: Madalina Simion @madaliciousss
Casting director: Vali Punga @valipunga
Model Manager: Ana Loghin @ancalghn
Make-up artist: Tania Cozma @taniacozma
Hairstylist: Sebastian Sarghie @sebastian.sarghie
Photography & studio assistant: Adrian Oancea @adi.ow
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