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Kai Sotnikov by Jay Kaewsutthi

Lawyer and freelance photographer Jay Kaewsutthi @qzise presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the sexy model Kai Sotnikov @sotnikovkai.

“Here in Thailand, we are confronting the third wave of the Covid19 pandemic. People live with fear and hope, but some people are hopeless. Social distancing is the way to keep us safe. We all were born alone, so what can’t we live alone?” This is the story the photographer worked on. The idea is focused on how to express our feeling when we are isolated from the rest of the world. “We don’t know how it ends, but we live with hope,” says the photographer.

This editorial was photographed at the Bangkok Voyage Boutique Hotel’s rooftop and insdie on room. This hotel is a hidden gem in Bangkok, Thailand. The photographer used a Hasselblad X1D 50C with a XCD45 lens to create this very beautiful images.

“I love drama and I always ask the models not to pose like a fashion model, but during the shoot, to act like the actor presenting the mood through their eyes. This time, Kai perfectly expressed what I was looking for. His eyes tell us everything about what we are facing now This is my style.”

The photographer told us that he shoots for pleasure, not for money, so his main goal with photography is just to make himself happy with what he’s doing. “I do not have a special goal in terms of my photography career, I just try to do each shot better.”

Sometimes, you have to isolate yourself in order to make someone you love safe.

The model ise wearing an array of clother from different brands like ZARA, Calvin Klein, and underwear by Andrew Christian. He looks amazing and super hot in this editorial. “Kai is kind of quiet guy. But I can feel his sincerity, like whatever he said, he meant it, not just a word. He didn’t feel confident when we were shooting underwear because he thought he was too skinny. My first task was to make him comfortable and more confident. Then he did a very good job. We plan to shoot again soon.”

Model Kai Sotnikov @sotnikovkai photographed by Jay Kaewsutthi @qzise, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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