In conversation w/Joe CraVen In conversation w/Joe CraVen Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

In conversation w/Joe CraVen

In conversation with Joe CraVen @josephcravenn ( based in Manchester, UK, represented by Emilia Models @emiliamodels directed by Pablo Mas @pablo__mas

VTEEN I have seen online you are constructing your own fashion brand – Zeruch, is it your true passion?

The brand is definitely my passion. Going into university and studying fashion communication will heighten my skills and culture on brand promotion – it definitely correlates: meeting new people, working on visuals, promotion.

VTEEN What kind of people do you want to reach with Zeruch?

Zeruch isn’t just a brand, I would say it is more of a creative collective. The brand revolves around my own personal taste, it isn’t just about aesthetics and design but it has a political message to it. Our goal is to reach people who identify with our values, and hopefully with time build a collective and promote individuals that represent the brand ethic. I engage with brands through the way they promote and creativity.

In conversation w/Joe CraVen In conversation w/Joe CraVen Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

VTEEN Is modelling something you’ve always been invested into?

Modelling was a very out the blue thing for me. I signed up to my mother agency, and two weeks later I flew to Milan Fashion Week. After that, I got signed to other agencies that gave me a bigger outlet to more opportunities. It is definitely something I enjoy doing.

VTEEN Do you have any future projects after COVID in regards to your brand and modelling career?

Being from Devon UK, it is quite hard for me to go out and model. Ever since I came back from Milan I have found myself focusing into my studies. But once I move to London I will invest myself into modelling again – for me it is not simply about getting some photos taken, I am hugely interested in discovering and learning how everything works inside a shoot. You see how everyone has their little role and everything comes together to make this great show. Regarding Zeruch, I want to create a short film to bring an overall message and expose the meaning behind the brand.

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