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Hunter Doohan – Heaven Creatures VT 18 cover

It has always been said that when you look directly at the darkness. it looks back at you But in the case of the monstrous character that Hunter Doohan plays in the Netflix hit Wednesday, that feeling is contradictory. The millions of people who have watched the show have spent every episode (some of them directed by the mastermind of Tim Burton) falling in love with that streak of sunshine that is Hunter’s Tyler.

Even after discovering that a terrible monster was hiding inside, we have all felt tenderness and compassion for that blue-eyed boy who served a sweetly bitter coffee from Wednesday Adams. And it’s all due to the charisma that Hunter awakens, who, thanks to the theater club in his small hometown in Arkansas, discovered his true passion: acting. Since then he hasn’t stopped until he has made his dream of working tirelessly on whatever it takes to come true. And this young actor has shown that with patience and dedication, things can be achieved. Now. Hunter lives a lovely and deserved moment. Not only has he received rave reviews for playing the younger version of Aaron Paul’s character in the critically acclaimed “Your Honor”, but he has also risen to stardom thanks to his starring role in the series “Wednesday” headlined by young scream queen Jenna. Ortega. As we look forward to the second season Hunter tells us how he has experienced such changes in his personal and professional life and all the upcoming projects.

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VT: Hunter, I’m so glad we can have this chat. How are you?
: Great! Thank you so much for making time to do this!

VI: You are very welcome. would love to start this interview by talking about your hometown, Fort Smith in Arkansas. Now that you are
living and working in Hollywood do you see yourself in the future returning to a city similar to the one you are up in?
: teel pretty at home in Los Angeles. I’ve been living here for ten years; this city kind of feels like my home now.

VT: Have you thought about what your life will be like in about twenty years?
: I don’t know. I can see myself staying out here or possibly going to New York because I’ve always loved that city and my husband’s family is from there. I don’t know. Life has been so crazy the last six months that I cannot even picture the next twenty years.

VT: Since you mention the New York. would you like to be part of a Broadway play at some point in your career?
HD; Would love that. In theater is where I started, not professionally obviously just doing school plays. That’s how I fell in love with acting

VT: Do you have a favorite place:
: Oh my god! I don’t even know! Honestly, I’m so disconnected from that world right now. I have to get back to Vou in a month because I’m going to visit New York very soon and plan to see as many shows as

VT: Come on. I’m sure some play popped into your head.
: Probably one of the musicals that first kind of got me interested in theater because I was very into musical theater while growing up. Maybe
“Rent” because it was my first exposure to that world and that sounds crazy now I guess But yes, I’ll go with that

VT: Do you see yourself singing?
: Yeah! I would love to do a musical someday.

VT: It must be difficult as ruck! You just mentioned your first contact with the world of acting. Tell me a little more about the chat moment in your life.
: It was in high school, that I got involved in theater blavs. think the first one I did was like Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA. I think I was Town Person Number 3 but it was Tun. I was very involved in the theater department 24/7 after that experience

VT: Disney is releasing live-action movies of its great classics…
HD: Yes, Disney call me up! (laughs)

VT: I know you played Hamlet in one of those high school plays...
: Wow, you went far back during your research (laughs). Yes, I played Hamlet when I was sixteen years old. Might be cringy to watch back but it was really fun. Certainly, at the time it made me feel like a regular actor

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