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Home, Sweet Home by Eddy Espinoza Home, Sweet Home by Eddy Espinoza Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Home, Sweet Home by Eddy Espinoza

The freelance photographer who has six years of experience and who is currently working with different brands and designers from Mexico, Eddy Espinoza @eddy_espinoza worked with the gorgeous model Samuel Suarez @samuelinhoo represented by Model Zone @mzagency, who has been modeling for a year and has had different campaigns with designers and brands from the country for this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

This very beautiful editorial tells of the story of Samuel’s daily routine. He wakes up in the morning to have his coffee while looking out the window in an atmosphere of intimacy in his apartment. He gets ready to start his day to day, relaxing in different spots of the apartment waiting for the time to leave home.

The photographer’s idea was to create an editorial recounting the daily life of the model, in an intimate environment photographing each of the moments in which the model prepares to start his day. “I arrived at his house at nine in the morning and we began to take the first photos, everything flowed very well and the result was incredible,” says Eddy Espinoza, photographer, and stylist in this project.

It was shot at the model’s apartment in Mexico City, an apartment with very large windows from which an incredible light entered, with a very beautiful decoration. The photographer used a Nikon D750 with different lenses, the Nikon 50mm and Sigma 24-105 , Speedlite YN560 IV.

“I am a fan of taking very natural photos, I love photographing interiors and these photos totally reflect my style because they show naturalness, innocence, and a totally soft atmosphere.”

Espinoza also took care of the styling this time, and the model wears very simple and minimal clothes, with trousers from Zara and shirts from H&M and Polo underwear.

“Life is so uncertain, that happiness must be taken advantage of the moment it presents itself.”

Alejandro Dumas

It was the second time that the photographer worked with the model, “we have created a friendship and a very cool working relationship, it was an incredible morning, we talked and laughed, he felt confident all the time and he felt very safe,” says Eddy Espinoza. It is a gorgeous editorial, with incredibly good soft tones, great lighting, and a marvelous atmosphere.

Model Samuel Suarez @samuelinhoo represented by Model Zone @mzagency photographed and styled by Eddy Espinoza @eddy_espinoza in Mexico City. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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