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HIPANDA entrance
HIPANDA entrance | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

HIPANDA is a Chinese brand that evokes youth, urban style, Hi-Tech, plurality, and uniqueness with their fashion sense that updates itself in similar ways a very prestigious software programmed to be constantly upward with the best for its users.

HIPANDA 2nd Floor AR Room
HIPANDA 2nd Floor AR Room | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

This time, we talked with Amy He Jing, founder and chief creative director of HIPANDA, about the spirit of the brand, their groundbreaking concept, their relationship with AR and technology, and their social commitment.

Find out that and more about HIPANDA in this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen.


AMY HE JING  ̶  HIPANDA | Exclusive Interview

VT: How did you get into the fashion world? Could you share with us a little bit about your experience as an artist who found a way into the fashion industry?

AHJ: I studied fashion design in college. After graduating from college, I set up my own atelier. I designed the image of HIPANDA in 2004. In 2008, HIPANDA was invited to participate in the CHINA DESIGN exhibition in the V&A Museum, London. Now I have been the artistic director of HIPANDA for 17 years.

HIPANDA 1st Floor
HIPANDA 1st Floor | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

VT: In which ways do you consider the year 2020 changed the way we used to interact with fashion as a plural experience?

AHJ: As a street fashion brand, a large part of HIPANDA’s design inspiration comes from the rapidly changing social life and facts.

In 2020, because of the global COVID epidemic, the fashion culture itself represented and respected by HIPANDA has not changed much. But the rapid changes caused by the epidemic have changed our lives. Our products are elaborated on the impact of these extraordinary times on the culture and life of young people in terms of design and expression.

HIPANDA in Mask Tee

Unruly souls

VT: How would you define HIPANDA?

AHJ: The essence of HIPANDA are souls that cannot be defined by rules and regulations; those young self-conscious unruly souls that grow, adapt, and survive in modern society represent the language of HIPANDA.


VT: HIPANDA was founded in 2008; since that year, what things have changed and which ones you wish will remain in time?

AHJ: Our slogan is: SINCE YEAR ZERO. We are trying to reestablish our self every year, and only our HIPANDA LOGO remains the same since the beginning of this journey. Everything at HIPANDA has to evolve and change.


HIPANDA’s resonance

VT: What can you tell us about the collaboration between HYDE and HIPANDA?

AHJ: I am a massive rock music fan. I grew up in an era that saw the rapid rise of Asian rock and roll. I am also a big fan of HYDE and L‘Arc-en-Ciel. So, I am very surprised that HYDE invited us to work together this time.

I am also very excited about the resonance between HYDE and HIPANDA. During the collaboration, I realized HYDE is not only a legendary rock and roll artist, but he is also a very talented designer too. Together we designed the HYDE X HIPANDA products, which are very popular with customers. In a short period of time, they all sold out. I am looking forward to working with him again soon.


VT: Your Spring 2021 collection is finally out. Could you tell us more about it?

AHJ: As a street fashion brand, we always use our designs to express young people’s philosophy of life and their attitude towards current social events. At the same time, more functional models are also integrated into HIPANDA’s products this season.

HIPANDA You Need To… Tee

VT: Animation and AR are also part of the HIPANDA world. How did you come up with those ways to embrace fashion nowadays?

AHJ: HIPANDA is not only a clothing brand; we are also a high-tech construction company and modern art gallery (laughter).

The concepts that HIPANDA wants to express are not only presented in the form of clothing, architecture, and high-tech vision are also important ways to express our ideas; the Tokyo flagship store designed by our good friend Gwenael Nicolas is an important part of our design concept.

The HIPANDA NOW AR Vision software extends the limited space of the flagship store indefinitely. The HIPANDA GALLERY on the third floor of the store enhances customers’ understanding and impression of HIPANDA design concept through a modern art installation.

HIPANDA 2nd Floor AR Room
HIPANDA 2nd Floor AR Room | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

HIPANDA is black and white, also Asian!

VT: Let us talk about some current affairs. Are you aware of the Stop Asian Hate campaign? What would you like to say about this recent social movement?

AHJ: HIPANDA has been fighting against racial discrimination and all kinds of social injustices since year zero. HIPANDA is black and white, also Asian! Let’s work together to destroy racial discrimination!

HIPANDA Racism Is Wrong… Tee
HIPANDA Racism Is Wrong… Tee | ©HIPANDA

VT: Which advice would you like to share with those teenagers who would like to start a career in design or other fashion-related activities?

AHJ: To strive for basic skills, it is recommended to learn many skills related to the fashion industry, such as photography, painting, etc., and most importantly, never give up!

HIPANDA Entrance 2
HIPANDA Entrance 2 | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

AHJ: I hope everyone will stay away from COVID-19 and be healthy and happy.

HIPANDA Installation 3rd Floor
HIPANDA Installation 3rd Floor | Photo by ©Satoshi Shigeta, Tokyo

Before we go

As we can see, HIPANDA has been demonstrating that the fashion industry is so much more than designing clothes. It is passion, commitment, hard work, social awareness, interaction, tolerance, and even high technology.

In that spirit, Amy He Jing has given us a beautiful message that I hope we would keep spreading: let us always think about others, let us pursue our happiness, and never cease to do our best in this journey we call life.

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