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Harlequin by Daniela Garlo

“Within our cultural context, feminizing masculinity is an insult, a demeaning way of
cataloging fragility. We think of the Harlequin as the materialization of that fragility that does not distinguish between sexes or genders and that on many occasions is ridiculed for coming to light.” Photographer Daniela Garlo @daniela_garlo created this beautiful fashion editorial with the gorgeous models Mateo Hernández @mateohernandezgl and Axel Smith @axelsmith06 represented by XY Models @XYmodels exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

The team’s idea was basically focused on creating a feminine but versatile look in both models, without touching the limits of the grotesque or the uncomfortable for viewers. They were working for two full weeks on creating a concept that had the ability to represent the creative team and the aesthetics that each has developed over time.

“Through these images, we want to transmit a discourse where acceptance is the protagonist. To embrace what we are is to dignify ourselves. Denying our own nature is a mistake.”

The photographer used a Canon 80D, with 18-135mm and 50mm lenses and Elinchrom 500 WATTS strobe lights, and it was made in the studio of La Escuela, fotografía de Moda y Producto. This academic institution has become the home and refuge of many photographers from the city of Medellín; it is a space that encourages the creation and genuine expression of lovers of photography.

In charge of the styling and production was Daniel Areiza @daniareizamua who perfectly showcased the editorial’s ideas with pieces from Minué Clothing, Dado Clothes, and Melissa Villa. The makeup was created by David Ortiz @ortizs_makeup and the hairstyle by Valeria Moreno @byvaleria_moreno, who also did an amazing job to complete the overall aesthetics of the editorial.

Models Mateo Hernández @mateohernandezgl and Axel Smith @axelsmith06 represented by XY Models @XYmodels photographed by Daniela Garlo @daniela_garlo styling and production by Daniel Areiza @daniareizamua makeup by David Ortiz @ortizs_makeup hairstyle by Valeria Moreno @byvaleria_moreno, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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