Happy Birthday On!

In celebration of On Mekahel’s half a million followers and 25th Birthday, we sat down with him to ask a few questions about his life and accomplishments. 


Happy Birthday On!

Thank you so much!

Tell us a bit about the upcoming year in your life. Age 25. special number!

I am really excited about turning 25.  It means that I have a quarter century of experience to draw from, 25 years of stories and memories that have shaped my past and will mold my future.  That being said, I have some very exciting things in the works, set to debut over the next year.  Including but not limited to: my reality TV show, launch of my fragrance, and taking M.O. Underwear global. So many things are happening that make being another year older all the much more sweet, even though I probably look a year younger

 Tell us about your brands, We know that you own M.O. Underwear.

 M.O. Underwear (I.G. @mounderwear) is my first company, my baby.  What makes it so special to me, is that its the culmination of my experiences as a model.  It came from my desire to bring something to the market that encompassed everything that wasn’t working for me from specific brands, and everything that was from others.  Add to that my own personal touch, the most important concept; encouraging my self and others to love the body you were born with, and feel sexy and comfortable being your authentic self, no matter what that looks like —> insert your modus operandi (M.O.) here <—  My fragrance, On N. 25, is my latest endeavor. It will be released this year, sometime after my 25th birthday.  The scent was personally developed by me, and therefore a representation of where I am, both spiritually and mentally; clean & calm, yet bold, sophisticated, and still fun.

Photo by Bill Lagaret

 Tell us a bit more about the upcoming show “Putting On”

Literally ecstatic about the upcoming premiere of my reality show.  It will be released on REVRY TV, an LGBTQ streaming platform, in mid May.  The first season will follow the early beginnings of the development of my company, M.O. Underwear, as well as give a small glimpse into my personal life.  I am most excited to show viewers a side of the gay community that is not often brought to light in mainstream media.  What happens beyond the sexual preference of an LGBTQ individual? There is more to our sub-culture than endless amounts of partying, sex, and personal struggle as it pertains to our sexuality.  We are also determined, hard working, smart people with the same dreams and desires as our straight counterparts.  It is my hope that the show will reveal this reality, though my own reality.

What about your personal life. Any new boyfriend?

Without divulging more than I am comfortable with, what I can say is that currently, I am happier than I have ever been.

Photo by Bill Lagaret

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Continuing on my own journey of self realization and personal growth as I chase after my dreams and accomplish my goals. But also, still looking like I’m 25 once I’m 30.

What do you wish yourself for this upcoming year?

 First and most important, good health.  And to continue making lifelong memories with my amazing family and friends.

Photo by Bill Lagaret


M.O. Underwear is an American brand for men and women committed to the perfect mixture of sex appeal, fashion, and comfort

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