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Guilherme Blanco by Glauber Bassi

The talented photographer Glauber Bassi @glauberbassi worked with the handsome model Guilherme Blanco @guiblanco represented by Way Model Management @waymodel for this fashion editorial exclusively create for Vanity Teen online!

This shooting captures the power of details. The model is able to transform into multiple characters and moods within seconds during a shoot, and that is just amazing! A slight change in expression and color takes him from good boy to bad boy real quick.

“This editorial is very fashion, and I as a fashion photographer, I always try to bring history and this is something that reflects everyone, changes in mood, personality, like on days when we are not well and those who are super happy.”

The photographer used a Canon Mark lV and it was shot in a photographic studio called “Galeria 2.8” in São Paulo.

In charge of the makeup was Helder Marucci @heldermarucci, and the styling was the work of Naty Kuprian @natykuprian. They both did an amazing job as always transforming the model and adapting to the idea and mood of the editorial. Guilherme felt powerful wearing amazing pieces from Dior, Balenciaga, Prada and Synchron.

“The personality is similar to a quality perfume: the one who wears it is the only one who does not feel it.”

Gilbert Cesbron

Model Guilherme Blanco @guiblanco represented by Way Model Management @waymodel photographed by Glauber Bassi @glauberbassi makeup by Helder Marucci @heldermarucci, styling by Naty Kuprian @natykuprian, clothes from Synchron @synchrooficial, special thanks to @jaksonvictor @dois.8oito and @c.oviedoph, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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