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Gucci Unveils Its Resort 2024 Collection in Seoul: A New Chapter Begins Gucci Unveils Its Resort 2024 Collection in Seoul: A New Chapter Begins Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Gucci Unveils Its Resort 2024 Collection in Seoul: A New Chapter Begins

Gucci: Steering Forward Without a Creative Head

Even without a creative director at the helm, the show must go on. That’s precisely what Gucci has done by landing in Seoul to present its Resort 2024 collection. The show draws on the aesthetic code left behind by Alessandro Michele after his departure, yet it paves the way for a shift in artistic direction as we await the upcoming debut of Sabato de Sarno.

A Collection Marked by Stylistic Inconsistencies

This runway show, rife with style inconsistencies, featured modern references in oversized outerwear, while also giving nods to reimagined tailoring in its purest architectural form. This contrasted sharply with sport-inspired pieces, like cycling shorts and sunglasses, that didn’t quite fit into an aesthetic filled with cargo pockets, unpretentious flat caps, and a complete absence of the leatherwork that characterizes the brand’s work.

From Oversized Outerwear to Sport-Inspired Pieces

The collection ranged from oversized outerwear pieces to nods at reimagined tailoring, displaying a unique twist on traditional designs. Simultaneously, sport-inspired pieces such as cycling shorts and sunglasses introduced an unexpected element to the lineup.

Absent Features and Future Prospects

Interestingly, the collection lacked the brand’s signature leatherwork, demonstrating a bold departure from its established aesthetic. This shift suggests a transition in artistic direction, paving the way for Sabato de Sarno’s much-anticipated debut.

A New Era for Gucci

Despite the absence of a creative head, Gucci continues to push forward, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. As the brand ushers in a new era, fans and critics alike eagerly await to see how the upcoming changes will shape Gucci’s future. The Resort 2024 collection, with its stylistic inconsistencies and bold moves, leaves us on the edge of our seats, anticipating the brand’s next moves.

Stay tuned as we witness the evolution of Gucci, a brand that continues to redefine luxury fashion, even amidst significant transitions.

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