ETRO Meets East: Ren Jialun Inspires Stellar Capsule Collection ETRO Meets East: Ren Jialun Inspires Stellar Capsule Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

ETRO Meets East: Ren Jialun Inspires Stellar Capsule Collection

A Fashion Crossover: Italian Chic Meets Chinese Stardom

Italian luxury label ETRO is the latest to be captivated by the allure of Asian talent. In this exciting collaboration, the star power comes from Chinese actor Ren Jialun, also known as Allen Ren, contributing to the creation of a unique capsule collection: ETRO X RJL.

Drawing inspiration from the twinkling celestial bodies in the night sky, the collection emerges from a synergistic exchange between ETRO’s creative director, Marco De Vincenzo, and Allen Ren. The collaboration takes a deep dive into the symbolism of stars, manifesting in versatile sportswear items like knit sweatshirts, cotton tees, and joggers, alongside more formal poplin shirts.

A Constellation of Fashion Elements: ETRO X RJL

Accessories add to the star-studded line-up, with bucket hats, a specially adorned star version of the Etro Essential leather bag, and a limited-edition necklace celebrating Allen’s birth and his debut as a guest designer.

Ren’s profound admiration for the stars echoes in his words, “The image of the stars always takes me back to my hometown, Qingdao. When Marco and I started our conversation, I first told him about my childhood memory of a summer night, standing by the sea, watching the stars, and feeling their extraordinary strength. That was the moment when I started dreaming about my future, and that light has always guided me”.

De Vincenzo responded, “This capsule collection was born out of our desire to see the world of Etro through Ren’s eyes. The story of that special moment in Qingdao left me with a magical feeling. Stars are a symbol of light and energy that has perpetually inspired artists throughout the ages. I wanted to reinvent them as a pop element, combined with the iconic Pegasus”.

Experience the Magic: ETRO X RJL Now Available

The ETRO X RJL capsule collection is now available for fashion aficionados on ETRO Tmall and at Etro boutiques in Greater China and Singapore. Immerse yourself in this celestial fashion journey, where the East meets the West, and stars light the way.

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