Empowered Youth: Meet our Vanity Teen #15 Fall/Winter '21 Issue Empowered Youth: Meet our Vanity Teen #15 Fall/Winter '21 Issue Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Empowered Youth: Meet our Vanity Teen #15 Fall/Winter ’21 Issue

“Our mind and spirit are in which we should strive to find home and serenity, home
doesn’t start with a place; it starts deeper, miles beneath the surface. If you are
comfortable and safe within, it won’t matter what goes on- on the outside.”, says Inbar Lavi, one of our Fall/Winter 2021 issue artists. For this edition, we felt it was important to highlight the importance the power of youth has, especially during these current times, which undoubtedly has molded a new generation of young talents.

Six different covers, six different celebrities, ten different perspectives on fashion, art, sports, and entertainment provide a wide array of how challenging yet rewarding it can be to face and embrace our inner being in the current times. In this edition, we have the participation of different artists who from their respective fields reflect in their trajectory, the challenges of the pandemic, and the impact that being young can make in today’s world.

For our “Liberated And Empowered” interview, actress Inbar Lavi shared with us her experience portraying Eve in Lucifer, her the release of her single Puppet Master, the launch of the newest collection of House of Lavi, and supporting female-owned businesses through part of the profits of her LAVI community. We are really pleased to share with you this marvelous photoshoot and the conversation we had with her.

When he is not shooting a movie, TV show, or fashion campaign, Chilean actor Jorge Lopez is raising his voice for those who have been marginalized or need vindication. In conversation with the artist, he talks to us about the journey that helped him become who he is today, playing Netflix’s Elite Valerio Montesinos, upcoming projects, and invites us to become a better version of ourselves.

Niccolò Lapo Latini & Emanuele Ferrari are two widely renowned artists in the industry. Two different generations of professionals whose perspectives, combining the experience of the renowned photographer and the fresh vision of the youngest creative director in the industry, make them the best creative duo. The artists through the editorial “You Rock my World” capture the power of youth and talk about their lives, careers, values, motivations, and perspectives on the fashion industry.

From art to sports. It might sound like a cliché that for our Fall/Winter issue we feature a winter Olympic athlete, but he is one to watch as he is one of the great promises of skiing. Meet Tiziano Gravier, son of supermodel Valeria Mazza and entrepreneur Alejandro Gravier, who has made a name for himself by representing his country, Argentina, internationally. Having won five World Cups (3 in Andorra, 1 Canada, 1 Croatia) and recently made history in the Winter Youth Olympic Games this year by obtaining the best individual result by a national athlete, the flag bearer of Argentina talks about the teachings he has been learning while growing up, and the life lessons we all can take from skiing, one of his biggest passions.

Just as sports can be a way of life, it can also serve to unite us, as Elvis Guetta has demonstrated through United for Football, a charity organized by him that helps kids in need through Football and Education in Africa. In this edition, the seventeen-year-old talks about what is it like to share with young people and use sports to support them.

Never forget your roots. Whether acting or modeling the “West London Born And Raised” model and actor Hector Abbott reflects the gorgeous vitality of youth. Starring in Ashley Walters’ directorial debut short film “Boys” (2021), the Londoner who plays one of the lead roles in this realistically modern coming-of-age short film set in East London talks with VTeen about his journey in the modeling industry, how his character Noah is not so far from who he is in real life, his upcoming plans which include directing a documentary and delving into the fashion scene beyond the runway.

Stefan Gunnesch gave us a glimpse of his works in his studio. The self-described “visual border crosser” whose beautiful, sexy, poetic, and captivating collages are capable of amusing any spectator, the artist delves into the abstraction of the identity of the human body. The visual artist talks about his creative process, career, and upcoming works.

Continuing our exploration of the deconstruction of sensuality, but from the subtlety of intimacy, Swiss photographer Alexandre Haefeli equilibrates nature and human bodies in his works, transforming his photographs in odes to the little details of fantasy and pleasure. The artist talks about why photography is the best medium to portray his vision, his biggest inspirations, and the ups and downs of how social media have helped but at the same time affected photography.

Social media star Oliver Brynnum has quite an energetic persona. Through his health, fitness, modeling, and travel content, he hopes to inspire others to be better with each other and take care of our planet. For this issue, the Danish influencer, talked with us about his journey in the modeling industry, how his family is his greatest inspiration, and the cultural and personal experiences that traveling around the world has left him with.

Vanity Teen Fall/Winter 2021 issue will be on sale internationally from November 17.

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