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Emilia is the freshest face in Latin music. The Argentinian singer is currently resonating in the world thanks to Cuatro Veinte, her latest single, and the TikTok challenges in which people dance her song using a lighter as part of the choreography. But most importantly, Emilia comes with a message of liberation, an invitation to be yourself, and for always putting women on top.

We had a conversation to talk about her music and upcoming projects. So, come along and enjoy this interview for Vanity Teen that will make you want to shimmer that flame inside you.

Emilia | Photo courtesy of ©Sony Music

Focused on my solo career

VT: How did you realize music was one of your biggest passions?

Emilia: Honesty, I started with music when I was very young. It used to be like a hobby for me. Since I am from a small town, I remember thinking that pursuing a career in music was like an odd possibility.

I began to take it more professionally when I was eighteen, and I started to study Literature. But, I realized Literature was not my thing. So, I switched to a major in music and left Literature behind.

Then, I started to post music covers on Instagram, and a producer discovered me; I got into a band for two years, and later, I began a solo career.

Therefore, lately, I have been focused on my solo career. And I am beyond happy and grateful for that.

VT: Do you consider urban music has helped you become the woman you want to be?

Emilia: Indeed, urban music has let me express and tell many representative stories that people relate to.

But, I dot put myself in a box and do not put labels to my music. Right now, I am experimenting on creative levels.

I will not stick to the urban music, and I will try R&B, Afrobeats, and more pop. I try to keep experimenting on new things and get to know myself better as an artist.

VT: Nowadays, your career is in a good moment. So, what do you do to stay centered and keep both feet on earth?

Emilia: The basis of everything is to surround yourself with the right people, to have a team, a family, that keeps you grounded to the earth. I think we should not be dazzled by the things this career offers.

And, it is basically that, be with the right ones who lead you through the right ways, and choose well, choose those who will be with you all the way.

Emilia | Photo courtesy of ©Sony Music

On top

VT: Let us talk about your more recent musical projects. What do you want to say about your collaborations with Duki and the great reception Esto Recién Empieza has been having?

Emilia: My latest single is Cuatro Veinte. People love it, and it has been crazy to release this solo single. I appreciate it a lot.

Releasing Esto Recién Empieza featuring Duki was like a new beginning, a new musical era. It has been a pleasure working with him. Everything came easy. It does not matter we do different types of music: I come more from the world of pop, and he does trap music. But we always syncopate our music and learn from each other.

That is something really cool about collaborating with other artists.

VT: Your song Cuatro Veinte has become a social media sensation, especially on TikTok. What would you like to tell us about that single?

Emilia: Cuatro Veinte is a reggaeton song dedicated to all women, and many people have identified with it. The single itself has been honestly representative to many.

It might be a kind of commercial reggaeton song, but I tried my best to sing to women because I always like to put us on top. That empowers you, gives you confidence, and that is what I love to transmit with the message of my music.

The Cuatro Veinte challenge, which is very popular on TikTok, has been such a crazy ride. Most of its popularity, I think, is due to using a lighter in the dancing. Those dances help the songs a lot because people enjoy those short videos and want to listen to the whole single.

VT: Another of your projects has included acting in TV shows like Disney’s Intertwined. How was that experience for you?

Emilia: Acting has been such a beautiful experience. Nevertheless, I’d want to say that I am focused on my music. I enjoy acting in the music videos and telling the lyrics of each song. I think that is really funny when filming a music video.

Acting in that show was really fun; I might get back to it later; in the future. We never know.

Emilia – Cuatro Veinte (Official Video) ©SME

It will be a busy year

VT: What can you share with us about your future projects?

Emilia: I am planning to visit Spain soon, and I am very happy because it is one of my favorite places in the world, and I will be collaborating with some artists from there.

Also, it is a pleasure to tell you that I am going to be on live presentations in Las Vegas, Chicago, and more. Some surprises are coming along.

VT: Which simple things bring joy to your life?

Emilia: Coming back home with my family brings joy to me; also, eating homemade food cooked by my mom. Getting back to my little dog and sleeping with him on my side, knowing my dad is well and healthy. Those real things are the most important to me.

VT: Which message do you have for those young people who use music as a form of relaxation, amusement, or a way to escape from daily life?

Emilia: Music is all that! Music is like being able to disconnect a little from the world, feel connected to what you are listening to and represents you, and let go.

However, when I listen to music, I begin to analyze everything: the structures, the music, the sounds, and the lyrics. But music is a lifestyle. It is part of every person, and it is a blessing to have it in our lives.

It is a blessing to me to be able to make music and share it with others.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Emilia: My album is on the way. It will be my debut album. It is like that thing I have always been dreaming of about my career, and, finally, it is coming true.

Also, there is a tour we are preparing for you. Soon you will hear about it and some other collaborations I will make.

It will be a busy year.

Emilia | Photo courtesy of ©Sony Music

Before we go

Emilia is here to remind us that music is a blessing to every person. It is a way for us to be who we want to be and reach others who feel what we feel.

For years, the music industry was mean to most women. However, such terrible things are changing, and we hope the world becomes a fair place for everyone. And she is present to promote those changes. But, as we experience all the things that nowadays are changing for the better, allow Emilia’s music to take us higher to the place we deserve: always on top.

Love and peace!

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