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Dries Van Noten SS22 Shot in Antwerp

Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2022 collection presentation during Paris Fashion Week

MODELS Alois, Andrew, Klara, Craig, David, Delta, Donald, Eliot, Fernando, Gala, Gautier, Henry, Ilias, Jean, Jonas, Kamil, Khallil, Lee, Lennert, Leon, Maoro, Moustapha, Nicole, Quentin, Rachel, Rocco, Senne, Sil, Taemin, Thomas, Vik, Yannick, Yousry

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“A silhouette, silhouettes which appear and impose themselves more and more on the imagination. The sketches fix this work of the mind […] but not...


Paris Fashion Week third day showcased an array of proposals that went from sensuality to a transcultural narrative based on a fundamental yet uncovered...

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Dries Van Noten @driesvannoten Spring Summer 2020 collection Photography by @vivianesassenstudio Model Gautier  @gunteur represented by Premium models, Julie H. @juliehoomans represented by Paparazzi models,...

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