Domesticity follows the complicated romance of two helpless youths in the quaint English suburbs, bound by desire and forbidden by their faith. Fashion features new talent from upcoming designers as well as vintage Dior Homme and Falke.

Talk with Ira.

Hi, my name is Ira! I’m a commercial and editorial photographer working out of London, and I love creating beautiful, timeless photos. My days are split between working on paid commissions, pursuing my passion projects, and finding ways to share what I’ve learned with others who love photography as much as I do. In my free time I put together self-motivated projects with male models and find new ways to collaborate with other creatives.

I had a commercial project scheduled in earlier in the day which ran over, so I got to this shoot hours after I was supposed to be there. I sent over pizza via Deliveroo to keep them from going nuts, and got there in the evening instead of the afternoon. My team was really understanding, and they mapped out each layout while waiting for me. We pumped out the shots super quick, and we really pushed our creativity to its limits given the time constraints. I’m really proud with how they all turned out, it really pays to have a good team on your side!

Which  job that you are most proud of?

I’m really happy with all the shoots that I’ve placed with Vanity Teen, and on the commercial side I’ve worked on a couple of international campaigns for some major brands to be released this year that have gone up on billboards as well as magazines like Vanity Fair.

Which photographers have been inspiration in your work

I’m a huge fan of Eber Figueira, Annie Lai, Peter Lindbergh, Tim Walker, Federico Fernández, Daniel Jaems, Brian Jamie, Kevin Roldan, and Ren Saliba.

Which models would you like to photograph?

I’d love to work with Francisco Lachowski, Joao Knorr, Jon Kortajarena, Sebastian Sauve, and Lucas Garcez.

Which brands would you like to work?

In an ideal world? Top of my list would have to be Burberry, Comme des Garcons, and Balenciaga.

Before Vanity Teen magazine in which magazines have published your works?

I’ve had my work featured in L’Officiel, Vanity Fair, Elle, Fucking Young!, and a whole host of smaller publications too.

Vanity Teen in 3 adjectives

Modern, fantastic, and sexy

Which has been your best paid job?

To be honest? Lifestyle work for a major tech company’s new product, but it’s not out yet and I can’t say which!

Tell us 3 new faces that you would like for Vanity Teen magazine

Tom Hutchinson, Max Schoen, and Caleb Carillo.

Photography IRA GIORGETTI @iraisavampire

creative direction TOMMY WAN @t0mmywan

styling DANIEL DING @daniel__ding

grooming CHARLENE WILLIAMS @charlenewilliams_mua

models ALFIE AT AMCK MODELS @ablackmore_ RICARDO AT NEVS MODELS @ritotorella