Dickies Celebrate Their 100th Anniversary With The Gucci x Dickies Workwear Collection

Fashion house Gucci is continuing its collaborations, with their most recent one being an elevated workwear collection with Dickies, viewed through a Gucci lens of self-expression and individuality. Celebrating its 100th anniversary of providing essential workwear, Dickies joins hands with creative director Alessandro Michele to create a collection of eight pieces that emulate luxury and expressiveness.

The Collection

Inspired by details of the Gucci Exquisite collection, the collection consists of reimagined workwear apparel with a distinct Dickies silhouette adorned with embellishments of silver studs from Gucci artists. In particular, ensembles include regular and cropped variations of the Dickies Eisenhower jacket with silver studs embellished in various patterns. The reimagined 874 work pant is available alongside the 874 Bermuda and the 874 short pants, both essentially short versions of the work pant, embellished with studs and available in a sandy beige colour. Lastly, a feature of the collection is the iconic Dickies work shirt embroidered with silver stud detailing.

100 Years of Dickies

Dickies has been producing durable, utilitarian workwear pieces since 1922, and the Eisenhower jacket and 874 work pants became novel staples and functional fashion pieces for the youth in the 1990s.

The collaboration’s attire is available on the Gucci Vault website. Check out the collection and read more about it by clicking this link!

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