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Deconstruction by Guixian Ye

Tracing back to the history of human evolution, from the liberation of hands to the awakening of the big brain, to the liberation of hands and hands by overcoming the force of gravity to walk upright. Fully to see, it is the complementary rhythm of gravity force when human body movement, just have the concave and convex rhythm of human shape, as well as the soft and hard rhythm of muscle and bone. The artist is observing and representing the human body, his eyes closely capture the interest related to the human body, the law of change in the excavation. The unique rhythm of the human body is the philosophy pursued and desired by artists of all walks of life. Deconstructivism is brought into human body aesthetics, and special fashion language is used to enlarge the body in capturing, breaking up the conventional body. Recombination, and then transform each other, thus creating a new structure, human body aesthetics more brand-new. 

The talented photographer Guixian Ye @pacokee brings this incredible fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online titled Deconstruction with the models @huzhichuan8 and @aiettztaaa represented by Paras Talent Management @parastalentmgmt.

Shot using a Canon EOS 5D4 in TINGTANG STUDIO Shanghai the models were styled by @darindong, who really did an amazing job with incredible pieces that showcase that deconstruction the photographer wanted to capture with some unique and very special pieces that look amazing on the models. In charge of the makeup was @liushu__, and the hair was the work of @seanseansheng who totally elevate the photoshoot aesthetics and create a very cohesive and professional look for the fashion editorial.

Models @huzhichuan8 and @aiettztaaa represented by Paras Talent Management @parastalentmgmt photographed by Guixian Ye @pacokee, styled by @darindong, makeup by @liushu__, hair by @seanseansheng, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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