Photography. Elys Berroteran (@elysmcm) | Art. Janet Cid (@Janetcidm)

Every capital city has its appeal, but we think there’s something very special about New York that gives it a unique appeal, especially this season. Despite the limited capacity to attend, the IRL presentations and shows, as well the digital ones and some IRL events done by virtual beings gave a unique touch this season. These were some of the collections the magazine attended and some we really liked.

This season highlighted the features of this iconic city which, as critic Ada Louise Huxtable once said: When It Is Good, This Is A City Of Fantastic Strength, Sophistication And Beauty.


Colorful, dynamic, innovative, and sophisticated, these are some of the hallmarks of Christian Juul Nielsen’s Aknvas (@aknvas), who for this season presented a collection that certainly brightened up the return to the IRL shows. Set in a club atmosphere with the sounds of NYC DJ Mona Matsouka, the Aknvas collection’s diverse and richly colored, textured, sporty, and handcrafted pieces captured the dynamic, modern and innovative vibe of today’s New Yorker.

Teddy Vonranson

When it comes to fluidity and dynamism, one of the epitomes is extreme athletes such as surfers, skiers, and snowboarders, who share an irreverent approach to fashion.  For his “North Beach” Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Teddy Vonranson (@teddyvonranson), through a subtle approach, fused West Coast sentiment with East Coast discernment in his story of the modern American man. With the man being one with the environment, the collection reflects the designer’s vision through a juxtaposition between “great coats” and emotional outerwear of fluid tailoring through a color palette of greys and charcoals, evoking winter skies and cold, dark waters with accents of color along with “painted prints” that evoke the different natural elements.

Perry Ellis America

One of the most anticipated events during NYFW was the presentation of Perry Ellis America (@perryellis). Without a doubt, the relaunch of one of the American fashion classics, but with a modern mashup of iconic and bold pieces, was highly anticipated.

Clara Son’s “Exuvia”

 South Korean menswear designer Clara Son (@c__son) showcased her debut collection entitled “Exuvia” at Canoe Studios during New York Men’s Day  The designer’s approach is known for looking for new designs that move away from fast fashion and combining classic aspects with innovative designs inspired by personal feelings, nature, and art. Furthermore, her perspective on the two faces of masculinity and the vulnerability of men brings a post-genderism to her elegant and minimalist style.

Nicholas Raefski “Meet Me By The Bleachers”

Nicholas Raefski’s (@nicholasraefski) sophomore collection “Meet Me By The Bleachers” was presented during New York Men’s Day. The collection is inspired by notions of false nostalgia – yearnings for something you never actually owned nor experienced.

Tanner Fletcher

Injecting more of New York’s DNA for this season, Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kassell’s genderless, interdisciplinary Brooklyn-based fashion and lifestyle brand Tanner Fletcher (@tanner.fletcher) gave the IRL presentations a grand welcome with their debut collection “Housewarming Party”. Celebrating the distinctive NYC vibe at the Georgia Room inside the Freehand Hotel, the design duo instilled their collection with the laid-back freshness of Brooklyn and the timeless refinement of the Upper East Side in their pieces inspired by the colors and textures of an elegant housewarming party in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

When it comes to decorating one’s home, whether for a party or for personal enjoyment, one’s taste is not generic, but agender, to convey and converge one’s feeling, so the designers, who are known for bridging the gap between modern and vintage in fashion and interior design, offered a wide range of ready-to-wear that celebrates the collision of worlds in various forms, stating my house (brand) is your house (brand).

Asia Fashion Collection

Special thanks to Photographer Elys Berroteran (@elysmcm) and artist Janet Cid (@Janetcidm) for the photographs and artwork.

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