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Cameron Chapman: enjoy Lockwood & Co.

Cameron Chapman invites us to enjoy Lockwood & Co., the newest Netflix show based on the books of Jonathan Stroud, written and directed by the witty and prestigious Joe Cornish.

The show is funny, spooky, and captivating, with a strong sense of self-determination, and is honestly inspiring for young audiences, especially those who, at some point in their lives, have been told they are not good enough. 

And yes, I say it once more, Lockwood & Co. is astonishing, and most of its appeal comes from Cameron Chapman, the young actor who embodies Anthony Lockwood, the calm, captivating, and mysterious lead character of the series. So, lay back, feel comfortable, and get to know the talented Cameron Chapman through this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen.

Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman @cameronchapman__ | Photographer: Pip @bypip | Grooming: Alyssa Kraus @ohmane | Stylist: Grace Gilfeather @gracegilfeather

Like a milestone in life

JV: Since Lockwood and Co., the new Netflix series, is growing in popularity, people want to know about you. So, what would you like to say about your origins and how you got into acting?

CC: I fell in love with acting when I was in my latter teenage years, mainly because I didn’t enjoy all the other subjects at school! I thought it was too late to pursue it, I certainly don’t come from an artsy family, but they were very supportive when I figured out it’s what I wanted to do.

When I was 17, I took part in a course at the National Youth Theatre, and ever since, I’ve tried my best to make my passion a viable career.

JV:As you grew up, were you interested in paranormal stories, scary books, and similar TV shows?

CC: Funnily enough, I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, etc. That being said, I actually watched a bunch of ghost sighting videos in prep for the shoot, just to see how people react, or pretend to, when they feel the presence of one. So, I guess I’m interested in them now!

JV: How was it to you finding out you were chosen to portray Anthony Lockwood in the Netflix adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s book series?

CC: Very surreal and exciting! It felt like a milestone in life, you know? One of those moments that you want to last forever. But we also had a lot of work to do in order to get ready for shooting, so I didn’t reflect on it too long, probably for the best, because it can be daunting when it’s your first job.

Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman | Photographer: Pip Grooming: Alyssa Kraus | Stylist: Grace Gilfeather

Joy, laughter, spookiness, and excitement

JV: What do you like the most about being part of the legacy of Lockwood and Co.?

CC: I think just being able to have served the visions of Jonathan Stroud and Joe Cornish, it felt like I was playing one of his children, so it was really special to me when Jonathan told me he loves the show.

Everyone involved worked really hard, through wind & rain, to try and create something people can find joy, laughter, spookiness, and excitement from, and I think I’m very lucky to be a small part of that.

JV: To be part of Lockwood and Co. requires some physical ability. So, how do you take care of your body and stay healthy?

CC: Luckily we had two months of prep before shooting, lots of workouts, reshaping my diet (painfully), and working with the stunt crew very closely.

I was surrounded by an incredibly experienced, talented, and supportive stunt team that made it a lot easier. They told me what was required, and I tried my best to meet their standards; hopefully, the fight sequences reflect that!

JV: The show also demands clarity of mind. So, how about your mental health? How do you take care of it?

CC: Great question! These kinds of experiences can be the best thing that ever happens to you, but it doesn’t mean there are no stress or psychological obstacles. I think the supportive crew, cast, and creative team made the potential pitfalls a lot easier to avoid.

You become one big family, so there were many people I felt I could talk to if things were getting too much.

Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman by Pip

Enjoy Lockwood & Co.

JV: One thing I like about the show is how it captures the essence of thinking about how much a teenager can or cannot do when it is time to assume responsibilities. Therefore, do you consider adults must pay more attention to teenagers’ capabilities?

CC: Definitely! Some of the issues our society faces are pressing issues for teenagers because only they are those who will ever feel the consequences.

I certainly put a lot of Bob Dylan in Lockwood’s character playlist. Joe often reminded us of the theme of taking on the establishment; it gives added motivation to everything the trio tries and achieves.

JV: What can you share about your upcoming projects or plans for the future?

CC: Right now, we’re still focusing on sharing series one of Lockwood! We’re so proud of the show, and we hope audiences love it as much as we loved making it. It’s like our baby. I’ve been working on it for almost two years, others even longer, so to be able to share it is very exciting!

JV: In the first episode, Anthony Lockwood remarks that the future matters more than our past. I loved that part! So, what is your message to all those teenagers who might feel haunted by their pasts?

CC: The past can’t change, but the future is in your hands. One of my favorite acting notes I’ve ever got was on a day that I was in my head, overthinking my choices, etc., and someone pulled me aside and simply said: “You’re in the driver’s seat.” I’ve found it’s helped me on my journey.

JV: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

CC: Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, and I hope the wonderful readers enjoy Lockwood & Co.!

Lockwood & Co. | Official Trailer | © Netflix

Before we go

Cameron Chapman is charming and relaxed; so far, he has been low-profiled and focused on his job, but Lockwood & Co. is finally here, and rapidly he already became one of our favorites. His answers were sincere, and I hope we can always keep in mind his nice message that reminds us the future is in our hands, so let bygones be bygones because we have to be kind to others and ourselves.

Enjoy Lockwood & Co., available on Netflix everywhere.


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