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Callie Haverda: going back to the ’90s

Callie Haverda is thrilled to let us know that we are going back to the ’90s, and that is because she portrays Leia Forman in the highly expected Netflix comedy series That ’90s Show, which follows up the iconic TV sensation a whole generation knew as That ’70s Show.

Therefore, we invite you to gladly meet this charismatic young actress who faces the challenge of being one of the fierce ladies in charge of bringing one of the most cherished TV shows to a brand-new generation.


Callie Haverda: That '90s Show
Callie Haverda @calliehhaverda | Photographer: Emily Sandifer @emilysandiferphoto
Stylist: Jensen Edmondson @jensenleigh | Hair: Gabriella Pollino @gabriella.pollino
Makeup: Kathleen Karridene @kathleenkarridene

No longer just a dream!

JV: What can you tell us about you and your origins?

CH: Related to my acting origins, acting has really been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s always been what I’ve wanted to do. My first job was a Homewood Suites industrial shoot, and from then on, I was obsessed with acting. My first audition was for a huge film. I got down to the top three girls, and even though I didn’t book it, that process only solidified my appreciation for the art.

I worked on my first film when I was six or seven, and since then, I haven’t looked back!

JV: What would you like to say about your experience of starting an acting career at a very young age?

CH: Honestly, I’m really grateful for having been able to start from a young age. Growing up in the industry has allowed me to develop my relationship with acting and figure out what I want to do early. Starting young has also allowed me to make a lot of connections and build a really great team that I trust, which is incredibly important in this world!

I’ve always had support as well from my family, my mom in particular. She’s been with me every step of the way and has always been there after a bad audition. I really appreciate the support I’ve received from such a young age.

JV: How do you feel when receiving a script for playing a role in a new project?

CH: Well, the first feeling I get is, for sure, excitement. It’s like Christmas morning! I usually get the script before I even book the audition so being able to enter the world of the character and delve into a new story is one of my favorite past-times.

If I happen to get the script after I’ve booked the role, there is, for sure, a lot of relief. So much work goes into the process of auditioning, so when you get the script, it’s kind of like the actual proof you’ve gotten the job and no longer just a dream!

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda | Photographer: Emily Sandifer
| Stylist: Jensen Edmondson | Hair: Gabriella Pollino | Makeup: Kathleen Karridene

Going back to the 90s

JV: Let us talk about your most recent project: That 90s Show. Since it is a spin-off of the iconic 90s sitcom That 70s Show, how was it for you to become part of this worldwide hit legacy?

CH: It was definitely intimidating at first. The prospect of bringing back such an iconic show makes me think those are huge shoes to fill. My first time meeting Debra Jo and Kurtwood was so magical; they immediately made me feel comfortable and like I was meant to be there. The legacy cast as well; there was so much support and happiness that every day on set felt like a big party.

I’m eternally grateful for the love and excitement we’ve received from fans and friends.

JV: In the series, you portray Leia Foreman. What can you tell us about her and your preparation for the role?

CH: Leia is such a wonderful character to portray. She is lovable, kind, awkward, and passionate about taking control of her life. When she meets the new gang of Point Place kids and realizes everything she has been missing out on, she decides to stay.

My preparation for her required a lot of watching That 70’s Show.

A big goal of mine was to have Leia be her own character while also taking characteristics from her parents, of course, and even her grandparents. But I really didn’t want her to be a carbon copy of Eric or Donna. The show is also a multi-cam comedy, but in That ’70s Show, I loved how while they all delivered their jokes amazingly, all the actors were also very grounded and real, so I tried to make my performance reflect that.

JV: Current generations are way different from 20th-century generations. So, in which ways do you think the show will appeal to new audiences?

CH: Our show, I feel, really has the ability to connect with the audience, just like the old show did. I found myself often relating to the scripts we’d receive. “Times Change. Teenagers Don’t.” That’s our little tagline, and it’s so true! We’re all getting into the same trouble, going through the same life experiences, and having the same kind of fun.

I hope new audiences will see themselves reflected in our show and connect with the material. But it’s also just fun. I hope everyone just has a fun time escaping from the world we live in now and going back to the ’90s.

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda | Photographer: Emily Sandifer
| Stylist: Jensen Edmondson | Hair: Gabriella Pollino | Makeup: Kathleen Karridene

Happy and grateful

JV: What do you do when you want to spend time taking care of yourself?

CH: A big thing for me is taking a step back from social media; this doesn’t necessarily mean technology because I love relaxing with a light film or something of the sort, but I feel socials can get very overwhelming. Even when I just have a lot of texts I need to respond to, I can get anxious. So it’s important to take a break, read a book, go on a walk, doing a skincare routine.

When I need to step away, I like dark rooms and my headphones; they pull me away from reality and allow me to take a breath.

JV: What other plans do you have for the future?

CH: You know there are so many things I’d love to do. Related to acting and not, my career is just beginning; I hope so. There are so many future projects and characters I’d like to explore. Working with directors and creatives I love, like Wes Andersson, Greta Gerwig, Damien Chazelle, and more, is on my bucket list! I also plan on going to college, pursuing writing (turning a screenplay of mine into a film), and, hopefully, more seasons of ’90s!

JV: Which words do you have for those who support your career and find joy in watching your work on film, TV, and media?

CH: Oh my goodness! I am so massively thankful and grateful for any and all supporters. New and old alike. I love hearing from old friends back home in Texas who still follow my career and reading DMS from people who just came across my page. It makes me feel good knowing that I have had an impact on people, and I can’t stress how happy and grateful I am for everyone in my life who has supported what I do. It wouldn’t be possible without them!

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda | Photographer: Emily Sandifer | Stylist: Jensen Edmondson | Hair: Gabriella Pollino | Makeup: Kathleen Karridene

Before we go

I love that Callie Haverda is a fun and grounded person who enjoys doing what she loves and is grateful that others can appreciate her work. You can follow her on social media @calliehhaverda to stay tuned with all the new things she has to share with us.

Remember: That ’90s Show is out now, so do not miss the opportunity of being part of this great time for pop culture.

Finally, if it is true that times change, but teenagers do not, let us celebrate that every young person has a voice and power to move others to enjoy life and do good.


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