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BTOB: A Long-Lasting Bond

The dark horse boyband BTOB from South Korea has been in the business for more than a decade, undergoing lineup changes, military enlistments, and the eventual pop-culture emergence that K-pop encountered over the past several years. Essentially, they’re experienced artists, to say the least!

Though, as of 2022 (Be Together), the group returned to the current six-member lineup that BTOB is known for – and more recently as of May 2023, the K-pop sextet has returned yet again to impact playlists with their new EP Wind And Wish. With the new EP out now, we took the opportunity to speak with the members of BTOB regarding their new music and studio sessions.

It’s officially been 11 years of BTOB and it feels like you’re such a staple in this industry for several reasons. When you first started out in the group together, what were some of your earliest goals? 

EUNKWANG: We’ve been one in music since the beginning. We loved music and wanted to become a powerful group to make many people listen to our music. That’s all. 

MINHYUK: To be the top as a member of this group. I’ve been working toward the goal to become the best singer as BTOB. 

CHANGSUB: I assume we all had the same goal. I’ve been living with the thought that ‘let’s become a recognized singer!’ 

In that regard, how do some of those dreams or aspirations compare to what you want for the group from 2023 onward? 

EUNKWANG: Now I want to make more people listen to our music and express our feelings to them. So my biggest dream is BTOB being with MELODY forever.  

MINHYUK: I’m working hard toward the goal to become one of the longest-lasting teams. I’m overwhelmed with love and happiness. I’m already hugely successful. 

CHANGSUB: I’ve achieved some of my dreams but I still have more to fulfill. So I can say BTOB is a group that keeps improving. 

It still feels very fresh that you’ve been able to reunite [in 2022], which must have been a little surreal! When you all now get chance to step back into the studio together, how does that experience feel different it at all?

PENIEL: This was actually our second comeback as a full group after the members discharged from the military. But whenever I step into the recording booth it always feels like the first time because each rap, or melody line, or whatever we record is different and for a new track

SUNGJAE: As if I’m home, it was so cozy. I missed this atmosphere. I think the result is great as much. 

Your new title track is such a lively, charismatic song that takes listeners on such a fun ride! What would you say was the primary goal or intended feeling you wanted to convey with this wonderful reunion track? 

HYUNSIK: I learned that it is love to wish someone happiness and good luck. I wished for happiness of everyone around me including MELODY and the listeners by listening to our songs. Thankfully, it seems that my wishes are granted well so I’m happy. 

SUNGJAE: I want to give you BTOB’s smile and happy influence. As you can feel happy when you have happy people around you, I hope BTOB’s lively stage performances and songs can deliver such happiness to those who listen to our songs. 

Now that Melody is finally able to experience a complete BTOB release with everyone involved – is there anything else you’ve been wanting to share with them about this invigorating and celebratory era? 

HYUNSIK: I think we can be the happiest when BTOB and MELODY can share the feelings and voices. To me, the happiest moment is when we sing together. 

PENIEL: I’m just glad that we’re finally able to let them listen to what we’ve been working on for the past few months and able to see them in person and be on stage performing in front of them.

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