British Fashion Council 2016 new designers to promote themselves globally British Fashion Council 2016 new designers to promote themselves globally Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

British Fashion Council 2016 new designers to promote themselves globally

menswearfundThe main aim of The British Fashion Council, the renowned fashion organization based on London, is to develop the further interest about the British fashion industry. So that you cannot call it a profit organization, it has some special aim. Most of the experienced London based fashion designers are attached to this organization. According to the review, the designers BFC businesses, through sharing their experience, knowledge and resources of the industry.

In 1983, British Fashion Council was formed by a group of renowned designer now this organization is funded by patrons of the fashion industry, big commercial sponsors and also the british government like the Mayor of London and the European Regional Development Fund.

According to the recent survey, this organization is an industry pioneer and leads the whole fashion industry through several creative influences. Due to this reason, this organization became successful to relocate the British fashion in the universal fashion economy. The British Fashion Council stood on five strong and strategic pillars including reputation, business, education, investment and digital,.

Through the BFC, some best British design is coming in front of the global group of onlookers including press and purchasers. London Fashion Week, its half-yearly showcase of Womenswear happens each February and September. London Collections: Men, its half-yearly menswear showcase was created in 2012 and happens each January and June.

One of the unique things is that, Every season, through BFC LONDON show ROOMs takes new and talented designers to Paris providing them the chance to advance themselves abroad. So that it is a key for the designers to promote themselves worldwide, including LA, New York, Brazil and Hong Kong. The British Fashion Council 2016 likewise arranges the British Fashion Awards, the UK’s yearly festival of greatness inside the business and Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, a half-yearly shopping occasion open to general society.

Moreover, the BFC helps fashioners at different phases of their organizations through its bolster activities. These incorporate the Colleges Council, an activity that provides MA scholarships and encourages connections between the fashion industry and fashion graduates; Rock Vault, BFC Fashion Film;, its fine adornments activity; Headonism, a millinery activity; and its menswear and womenswear ability ID, business bolster and showcasing plans NEWGEN supported by TOPSHOP, NEWGEN MEN supported by TOPMAN, BFC Contemporary supported by eBay and the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund.



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