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Boys Belong In The Kitchen by Jordan Ferreira

The photographer Jordan Ferreira @jordanferreirax is working on a project called “Chico Chico,” a book series featuring young male models from Latin American cities. “I always felt that Latino men were under-represented in the male modeling world, despite their natural beauty and diversity. Being of Peruvian descent myself, I wanted to rectify this by creating a book series that focused on one city at a time, highlighting local up-and-coming models in their cities,” he says.

“For the project, I travel to different cities and shoot local male models in unique local homes. This allows me to infuse the local day-to-day life and style of a city into each series. Shooting at different homes also allows me to achieve the casual, sometimes voyeuristic, style I am infusing into the project. When I walked into the home I rented in Mexico City, I was immediately drawn to the vintage kitchen. I knew I had to do something special with this kitchen that went beyond the book series.”

“The vintage kitchen immediately reminded me of the old-school misogynist advertisements about women in the kitchen. So, I wanted to do a playful editorial that was reminiscent of the old ads by showcasing these two great Mexican models, Juan Faratro @juanfaratro and Mateo Macouzet @mateo_macouzet, trying their best to work in the kitchen. As the editorial progresses it becomes obvious that they can’t help but mess around rather than get anything done in the kitchen.”

The idea came together quickly and it was inspired by the kitchen itself as the photographer says, with a very playful vibe, so Ferreira wanted the colors of the kitchen to really pop and contrast with the beautiful bodies of the models. “Since they are presumably in their own kitchen, I wanted to show them how we all fantasize models hang out in their own homes: in tiny underwear! Haha. Being in underwear also draws from the vintage ads that always showed a beautiful, fit, fully done-up woman doing housework, implying that her job was not just to do the housework, but to always look sexually appealing while doing it to please her husband. I wanted to bring that sexualization of the kitchen into 2021.”

The photographer used a Cannon Mark IV DSLR with two portable studio lights at an old AirBNB in the Hipodromo district of Mexico City, a central part of the city within walking distance of the more famous Condesa and Roma districts. 

“My style is sexy and playful. I don’t want models to just be flexing with their best Zoolander face. I like to see them smile, flirt, interact with each other and the camera. I also really like to be creative with my surroundings. That’s why I love shooting at AirBNBs, you never know what the house will inspire. I had no idea I was going to do this editorial until I arrived at the house, I love spontaneous creativity.”

I wanted to capture that youthful energy and share it with the world. When we’re young, we allow ourselves to have authentic fun, free from all the challenges of life. For most of us, it becomes harder and harder to feel that way, but seeing young people authentically enjoying life reminds you of how it used to be, and that it is possible to feel that way again. I think Vanity Teen represents that and it is something I try to represent in my work.

The models were playful, friendly, and confident. “They knew they looked sexy but were never conceited. Two perfect, Mexican, boy-next-door types. This is a kitchen scene that you want to be part of and not intimidated by.”

Models Mateo Macouzet @mateo_macouzet represented by Queta Rojas @quetarojas and Juan Faratro @juanfaratro represented by New Icon Models @newiconmodels photographed by Jordan Ferreira @jordanferreirax, grooming by Daniel Durate @soydanielduarte, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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