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Bonnie Wright gained international recognition for portraying Ginny Weasley in the globally famous film adaptation of the Harry Potter series. But yet, she has been using the immense platform she obtained to motivate others to take care of themselves and the planet. Consequently, she has been using her networks to inspire everyone on how to make the world a more kind and sustainable place and to invite all of us to go gently.

Indeed, the phrase Go Gently became the ultimate theme of her lifestyle and the personal brand she uses to encourage us to realize change is possible, approachable, and can start right away. Inclusive, her latest project is a book that goes by that name and, let me assure you, is a piece of literature you would not want to miss.

Since her book Go Gently is now available everywhere, we talked about how her life, values, passions, lessons learned, and career syncopated the accessible ideas she put into words with this new publication we all can get.

So, I invite you to keep reading this exclusive interview with Bonnie Wright for Vanity Teen and take time to check out the review I wrote about Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet.

Please, enjoy!

Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Wright | Photo by Lorenzo Agius

So fun and surreal

VT: You got into the Harry Potter movies while you were a little girl. How did that experience impact your life as you were growing up?

BW: Massively, it introduced me to an industry of storytelling I grew to love. It gave me the immense privilege of meeting interesting and inspiring people that have shaped who I have become.

VT: Recently, HBO Max released Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. How was it like this experience? And how is it like to know that, even today, some people still call you Ginny Weasley?

BW: It was so fun and surreal to all be back to shoot our anniversary. I loved seeing everyone, catching up and reflecting on how impactful Harry Potter was, not only to us as individuals but to all the fans, old and new.

VT: Being part of the Harry Potter movies gave you a huge platform you have been using to promote, among other causes, gender equality and the same opportunities for everyone. How did that passion for human rights start in you?

BW: From a young age, I was taught to be compassionate to others. I love to listen to people’s stories, understand their perspectives and experiences, and make sense of how I can be involved in issues outside of myself.

Go Gently Episode 11 – It’s All Happening!! | © Go Gently

Go Gently

VT: Besides acting and music, you developed a love for writing. How was that?

BW: Yes, I love writing and all forms of storytelling; it’s how I process and make sense of the world. But I never thought I would write a book! It’s been exciting to actually develop confidence and dedication to my writing while writing my book Go Gently.

VT: Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet is your most recent project. What can you share with us about this widely-expected book?

BW: It is always challenging to sum up a project in a few words! I wrote Go Gently because I realized all of the practices I was quietly doing at home to be more connected to my relationship with the Earth were actually as interesting as the more public actions I was taking with Greenpeace, climate rallies, and events.

I needed to share them! So the book is full of tips, ideas, and practices I have been implementing at home to be more resourceful, resilient, and knowledgeable as we face the climate crisis.

VT: On YouTube, you’ve been sharing some of the ideas that inspired you to write this book. Therefore, could you tell us more about Go Gently with Bonnie Wright?

BW: Yes, after spending so much time at my desk writing my book, I missed working in the medium of film. So, I wanted to explore the same topics from my book but in video format. What I love about YouTube is that it feels really intimate, and you’re able to create longer-form content than on Instagram.

I am so grateful to everyone who has been watching and engaging in the comments. I have learned so much by watching videos and channels on YouTube, and it is so cool that maybe Go Gently can offer someone something.

The planet needs us to show up

VT: You are not only concerned with being kind to our planet but also about taking care of our minds. So, how do you take care of your mental health?

BW: I feel like, every year of our life, we gather more tools and a deeper understanding of ourselves. So that when we catch ourselves feeling low, at a loss, or overwhelmed, we have markers of our personality that can ping us to lean into those tools. I think it’s also important to remember that it is OK not to feel OK. We do not always have to be happy and ready to face the world.

VT: What can you share with us about Those Who Wander and your other plans for the future?

BW: That was a film I shot a very long time ago. I think it just comes up on IMDB as more recent than it was.

VT: Which message would you like to share with those who want to become activists but do not know how to start?

BW: Just start. There is no right or wrong way to go about anything. I love this saying: “There’s no wrong way to do the right thing.” The planet needs us to show up, just as we are, to give it ago and not let the opportunity pass us by.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

BW: I hope you enjoy reading Go Gently. I hope you make your relationship with the climate movement your own, as we each have unique skills, perspectives, identities, and personalities to bring to the table.

Bonnie Wright: Go Gently
Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet by Bonnie Wright | Book cover | Photo by Kacie Tomita

A gentle invitation to be part of the solution

Before we go, I would like to add a review of Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet by Bonnie Wright (2022), published by Greenfinch.

First, it is good to know that, right now, you can get your copy of the book in your favorite store or access to and purchase the edition most likely to adjust your preferences.

This book represents diverse ways her author systematized her journey of becoming an activist for the climate movement. It is an effective effort to demonstrate the enjoyment might bring to realize human relationships can lead us to be the change we need as soon as possible to preserve true-life quality on Earth.

The most valuable aspect of this book is that, despite being highly documented, it doesn’t pretend to be a lecture on how you should live. Instead, it is a humble invitation to see that, when we modify insidious everyday habits that are so harmful to our planet, we can proportionate a greater good because there are accessible solutions we may start intermediately.

Go Gently is the book you would like to carry with you everywhere because it is incredibly engaging and gives you the best tips for doing better wherever you might be. It also includes practical exercises, cooking recipes, and life hacks. Besides, it is an easy way to answer simple questions about taking local actions that have a global impact and so much more.

Lastly, I would like to remark that previous generations stated that they did not start the fire, so they should not be the ones to blame. However, Bonnie Wright shows us that it is not about blaming anyone or justifying the status quo; there is no time for looking for excuses. It is about understanding that we need to change now, and taking care of the planet is the most beautiful way to leave behind oppressive systems that do not represent current generations.

Saving our planet is the most sincere way of inclusion, so let us join forces to reduce our ecological impact.

Let us go gently.

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