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Blame It On The Boogie by Henrique Butcher

This editorial was photographed by Henrique Butcher @henriquebutcher, a fashion photographer who was born in Brazil and who has had some works published in printed and online magazines around the world. Thiago Idehara @thiagoidehara represented by Way Models @waymodel @jacksonvictor, who has an Asian background, is the star of this editorial.

It was inspired in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s and tells us the story of a boy who used to go dancing in discos. To come up with the idea and the mood board the photographer first did some research about the period. He researched clothes, colors, haircuts and whatever was in fashion back then. Then he sent all the information gathered to the stylist Cris Matos @crisdecrises and they started searching for brands that would be a suit. “We were looking for pretty and a good fit pieces of clothes, so that I could bring movement and subtlety to the final photo. Regarding the poses, we thought of movement, so throughout the whole shooting, we played some music and as the model was dancing I shot the pictures, that way we would have interesting and natural poses at the same time. I set up the lighting from the get-go so that there would be shadows on the floor. I was looking for contrast and lighting coming from above.”

For this shoot, the photographer used a Nikon D610 with the lenses 85mm f/1.8G and
70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED. The lighting was created with an Elinchrom power pack and two lights spots, in a local studio in São Paulo. In charge of the grooming was Marcelo Kaminski @mkaminskimakeup and the images were retouched by Cristian Petersen @cristianptrsn.

“They need to feel comfortable. For this, there is no “stuff” except that you have to like people. You’re different every day. Don’t cheat, just stay yourself. Some days, it’s harder. But when the model feels good, it does nothing, it tries nothing and will reveal a little of itself”

Peter Lindbergh, Quote on Models.

Model Thiago Idehara @thiagoidehara represented by Way Models @waymodel @jacksonvictor photographed by Henrique Butcher @henriquebutcher styled by Cris Matos @crisdecrises grooming by Marcelo Kaminski @mkaminskimakeup retouching by Cristian Petersen @cristianptrsn. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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