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Belinda: do not let others take over you

Belinda has never gone. But let’s say she is back in acting with Welcome to Eden, the latest Netflix mega-production made in Spain. The artist talked with us about this new project, her latest music, and gave some tips on mental health; she also explained why the best thing you can do is not let others take over you.

She is one of our favorites, and we always welcome her in Vanity Teen. You are aware Belinda is a beautiful person inside out. So, we invite you to know more about her in this intimate conversation in which she pretends to stay closer to her fans and invite people to be part of her close ones.

Be our guest!

Belinda | Photos by Alex Cordoba @alexcordovaphoto

Music is like medicine for many things

VT: You have been in the entertainment industry since you were a small girl, and you have always been working hard. Therefore, what motivates you to keep moving forward?

Belinda: I feel motivated by the love for what I do, the love for music, good stories, performing, my passion for the arts, the love for the things I have been living, and, definitively, the love of my fans. They are audiences that have grown up with me all over these years. We have shared many things, and I love to have them near me.

VT: Angel (Once in Your Lifetime) was the single that took you to new audiences beyond those faithful fans who began to follow you since you were part of TV shows. Looking backward, what do you think about those moments the song became an international success? And what do you think about the kid you were during that decisive moment?

Belinda: That single is from my first album called Belinda, that was like my introduction to the world of music, my first solo project. And Angel was the last song I composed for that album. The record company thought it was a song too adult for me at that moment. They said that song was way different from the rest of the album and did not see me reflected in it.

I stood up for that song and said that wanted that song to be released and be part of the album. The song turned out to be one of the favorites, even today years after it came out. In every concert, people sing it aloud, and I love that because there are song that are everlasting, and Angel is one of those that last forever.

VT: In the current times, people are constantly communicating, and anyone, no matter their language, can stay connected through music. So, what is your opinion about music as a way to preserve mental health?

Belinda: I consider music is like medicine for many things, even for heartbreak. Sometimes people think that being broken-heartened is something shallow, but a broken heart could be something big that literally hurts you. You feel pain in your soul, chest, and body; it could also carry other health issues like traumas or things you have dragged with you since childhood. So, music is like healing for your soul, mind, your everything.

Belinda | Photos by Alex Cordoba

It is all about female empowerment

VT: For years, you have also been developing your aspect as an entrepreneur. What could you tell us about it?

Belinda: I have learned that you have to keep working hard, and sometimes things won’t work well on the first try. Sometimes, you won’t even make it on the second or third try. But if you push yourself, insist, and persevere, you will make it.

You can’t give up. If you fall, you must rise again.

VT: Now, please, let us talk about La Niña de la Escuela. This single revolutionized 2021 and still keeps going on. How has that experience been?

Belinda: Oh, I loved it! I love Tini and Lola Indigo, their work, and that song because it is all about female empowerment.
It is not like any other urban song, and I think people love that about the single. I mean, it’s not the typical song about dancing or going out at night or having sex. It is like stating that I am that girl you did not like at first because you could not see what I am. And, now it is too late for you. So, that is what I like about the song. All of us have felt that way at any point in our lives.

VT: What can you tell us about new music?

Belinda: I made the main theme for my latest project, Welcome to Eden. That was a big surprise, and I got honestly inspired by composing it. And there is so much more music in the series. So, I syncopate acting with performing music, which excites me because I can do both things in one project. This show inspired me a lot, and that song is something you never heard before from me. It is cinematographic and melancholic. I am so happy about that song. It is not a commercial single; it is a different mood.

Welcome To Eden | Official Trailer | ©Netflix

Do not let others take over you

VT: We can finally talk about Welcome to Eden. So, please, tell us more about your experience with this Netflix series.

Belinda: I love it. At first, I was afraid because it was a new team, and I had to travel to Teruel and Lanzarote and spent there three to four-month of my life. Those things might be complicated, but they made me feel so well and pleased, and I learned a lot from my very talented colleagues. They made me feel at home. And that is the most important thing if you want something to go well.
You may need to have a team that takes care of you, guides you, and supports you. Everyone from Amaia Salamanca, who is lovely and gorgeous, to Ana Mena, who is so funny, is amazing. I developed great feelings for everyone.

VT: What message would you like to share with young people who follow your career?

Belinda: Do not pay attention to what others want to say about you. We are here in to be happy. Let’s be respectful and polite. I think those things are important. It is not always about rebelling yourself. There is a reason for existing rules. But let’s not be affected by what others say. The most important thing is doing what you love, the way you want to do it, listen to what you feel, no matter what the others may say about it. Do not let others take over you.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Belinda: I am so happy to be here and want to thank all of my fans. Also, I want to invite everyone to watch Welcome to Eden, which is out now on Netflix. My character is called Africa, and I hope you identify with her.

I love you all.

Belinda | Photos by Alex Cordoba

Before we go

Belinda has been in the entertainment industry since she was a small girl, and her career has delivered joy to many. So, when she says that we should stay focused on what we love despite what others say, I think we should pay attention because there are times in which media and life have been harsh to her, yet, she has always found a way to overcome those things and keep doing what she loves the most: acting, singing, composing, and investing in her career. What a lovely person!

You can stream her music on the platform of your choice and sing her song Angel like there is no tomorrow if you want, or if it pleases, you can also shine with your best look as you sing La Niña de la Escuela or any other of her hits.

Also, remember that Welcome to Eden is out on Netflix now, and you can enjoy all the episodes right away. Stay tuned because Belinda will come with more new projects.


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