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Alone at Home by Jérémy Bauduffe

Paris-based portrait photographer Jérémy Bauduffe @stockphotographique wholeft the south of France to follow his dream in Paris presents this amazing fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Pedro Lucas @pedrolucasg represented by Universe Scout and Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting.

This editorial has been inspired by the actual pandemic, the confinement lived during these last months which closed the people on themselves and theirs thoughts, memories. It brings to light the solitude and the memory. The memory of a journey, of a past love. To find oneself in boredom, alone facing the past, and to feel a shower of emotion.

The idea was simple, so the photographer created an intimate mood for it. A desire to be omniscient to the scene in front of his lens. “It was necessary to make the model understand that I didn’t want something too smooth and too worked, more a simple moment,” says the photographer.

For this shoot Jérémy used a Nikon D750 and natural light, to accentuate the pure, sincere and simple side of the moment. “The goal was not to bring too much artifice.” The photoshoot took place in the room Pedro occupied during his stay in Paris. There is nothing more intimate than a bedroom. As for the exterior photos, they were taken during a road trip in Normandy before the pandemic. A nice personal memory.

“The editorial reflects my simple style, a little touch of romanticism and a vintage editing. I like to capture the beauty and sincerity of a moment. To highlight the beauty of each one, it is my goal for each photoshoot.”

“Let the dark poet persevere in his darkness, if he wishes to find the light.”

Jean Paulhan

“With these images, I would like to transmit an emotion that we all feel, when we think of memories, when we are alone at home. And that these memories bring back various emotions, which put us in different states according to our memory on these events. In the case of this photoshoot, we can maybe talk about memory of a past summer love.

For this editorial the model was wearing quite simple clothes to follow the story. The trench is from Burberry, the pants are from Vetements, the shirt and the pullover are from Marni, and the necklace is from Bijoux Brigitte.

“The model during the photoshoot wanted to understand my way of working, once it was clear, he felt more comfortable and relaxed. The goal was not to put pressure, but rather to develop a soft, simple and kind energy.”

1/ Winter Nostalgia.
This weekend I saw the ocean.
And I miss the summer.
The freedom of a summer evening, and you.

2/ Summer memory.
He hid all the memories,
But the sky is clearing, and the warmth of the sun is warming my salty skin.

3/ Us.
I don’t have much left of us,
nothing left of you.
And I’m still looking for the bits of me.

Model Pedro Lucas @pedrolucasg represented by Universe Scout and Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting photographed by Jérémy Bauduffe @stockphotographique, styled by Polis @polisview, exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

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