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ALLED-MARTINEZ SS22 Collection Unsung Heroes

ALLED-MARTINEZ @alledmartinez presents its Spring/Summer 2022 collection named Unsung Heroes in Paris, a collection that includes non-knitted pieces for the first time and various retro-inspired silhouettes taking inspiration from the ’70s street-version dandies.

This collection pays tribute to those pioneers that lost their life silently to AIDS and the serology stigma, 40 years after its first appearance in 1981, such as Jacques De Bascher, Antonio Lopez, Sterling Saint-Jacques, Joe Macdonald, Al Parker, and Roy Halston, among others, now honored as “Unsung Heroes”.

Taking elements from the semiotics from the gay liberation movement and from the skateboarders, the brand reflects desire with subtle references to sex, homoerotism, and hedonism through its designs, with jockstrap coding in waistbands, cuffs and collars, shorts, and bomber twinsets in nylon or 70s sports socks, baggy trousers, t-shirts, and tied-across hoodies.

Photography: Jorge Pérez Ortíz, Styling and Casting: Adrian Bernal, Grooming: Manuela Pane, Press: Pedro Aguilar de Dios, Models: Alex Sáez, Victor Ordoñez at Blow Models, Assistants: Andrei Palma Quiros, Marc Sanz, Juan Trunces. Vanity Teen online!

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