Photographer Tino Vargas @tinovargasfoto shares in exclusive his latest shoot featuring Model Alexander Arana @alexanderl90 at Universe Management @universemanagement under the artistic direction and styling of Guillermo Alvarez @elpibedeguille using Zara, Adidas, H&M, and Sótano,  . 

Exclusive for Vanity Teen! 

Hoodie & shorts. ZARA || Stockings. ADIDAS || Sneakers. REBOOK
Polo mesh. ZARA.
Sunglasses. ALDO || Watch. RIPCURL || Trousers. PEPE JEANS
Printed polo. ADIDAS || Shorts. H&M
Coat & Shorts. ZARA || Shirt. SFERA || Stockings & Sandals. ADIDAS
Sunglasses. VINTAGE || Bomber jacket. SÓTANO || Trousers. ZARA
Polo Croche. ADONIS || Stockings ADIDAS || Shoes. REBOOK.
Overalls. ZARA || Stockings & Sandals. ADIDAS