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Adrian Kopal by Jury Krajcik

The super talented photographer Jury Krajcik @jurykrajcik presents this beautiful retro-inspired fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Adrian Kopal @adrian.kopal represented by Mix Model Management @mix_model_management.

As the photographer told us, this was Adrian’s very first test shooting. “When I work with new models, I usually start to shoot on a digital camera so that they can warm up and then seamlessly switch to film,” he says. “When we were about to start I realized that I forgot all the memory cards at home, so I was like ‘okay let’s go straight on film’. I doubted a bit about the results as I wasn’t sure how it all went, but I was nicely surprised about the results when I developed the films. We created a natural and decent look that Adrian can use in his modeling portfolio.”

“Adrian came into the studio, it was a sunny day, so I decided to go purely on a white background to use the full potential of daylight. I pulled the film one stop to achieve a very fine grain look. For me as a photographer, more important than shooting is how I develop the films. I wanted to achieve a film look but still keep it modern and actual. I can share my little secret with readers. I usually use the cheapest black and white films. And when some of my friends who are photographers ask which film I used, they do not trust me as they usually prefer the most expensive ones, lol!”

The equipment used was a Pentax 645 for medium format photographs and Pentax Spotmatic for 35mm shots with Fomapan 100 film and used a Fomadon R09 developer, and the shooting took place at the photographer’s studio in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Model Adrian Kopal @adrian.kopal represented by Mix Model Management @mix_model_management photographed by Jury Krajcik @jurykrajcik in Bratislava, Slovakia, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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