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Adam by Jury Krajcik

The talented photographer from Slovakia Jury Krajcik @jurykrajcik presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the new face model Adam @adamik655 represented by WE MEN Models @wemodelsmen.

The photographer’s aim was to shoot a video on the set with a kind of behind-the-scenes vibes for the photographs. “I had a couple of film rolls in the studio, so after each video cut, I took some photographs,” he says. He didn’t think much about what he was shooting at that moment and how it would look, he just captured the shots and got an amazing result!

“I think it’s nice to have a moodboard, but in my opinion it kills creativity. I grab my camera and I capture all the beauty that I see at that moment. And that’s what this story is all about.”

These photographs have a very natural and beautiful film look that we love. During the film developing process in the photographer’s bathroom, some film rolls fell on the wet surface. “I thought I destroyed them,” he says “but it actually created a magical effect on the square photos.”

Working with Adam was so easy as they had a good connection since they first met for the first time. “He is a cool guy. He doesn’t need too much direction. I like his strong looks into the camera with a bit of shyness. Probably because of his strong look my cameras got broken during the shooting. This happened for the second time already, both when we were working together! Fortunately, I was able to get at least some shots before.”

The equipment used was a medium format film camera Hasselblad, 35mm Nikon, and black and white Fomapan film. 

Model Adam @adamik655 represented by WE MEN Models @wemodelsmen photographed by Jury Krajcik @jurykrajcik, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Words by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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