Acne Studios Unveils Spectacular Renovation at Shenzhen MixC Store Acne Studios Unveils Spectacular Renovation at Shenzhen MixC Store Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Acne Studios Unveils Spectacular Renovation at Shenzhen MixC Store

“Experience Swedish Design Aesthetics Infused with Futuristic Elements and Artful Craftsmanship”

The New Chapter for Acne Studios Shenzhen MixC In a world where the fashion retail experience matters as much as the clothes, Acne Studios is redefining luxury shopping. As of July 10, 2023, the Shenzhen MixC store of Acne Studios will undergo a captivating transformation, introducing an immersive shopping environment spread over two floors and covering a vast 458 square meters.

An Artful Design Collaboration This retail masterpiece is the brainchild of the Stockholm-based design team, Halleröd, an enduring partner of the brand. Their vision has given birth to a radically updated store design that weds the elegance of Swedish aesthetics with a bold, futuristic spirit.

A Celebration of Space and Technology A fully transparent glass curtain wall encapsulates the exterior, setting the stage for a spectacular exploration of metal-pink interiors. This design choice ingeniously reflects Acne Studios’ unique blend of technology and spatial creativity. The interior walls and ceilings are painted in a high-gloss sheen, while the floors and stairs are fashioned from pink-toned granite – a delightful echo of the outer glass curtain. This combination conjures an atmosphere that is at once laid-back and opulent, casual yet solemn.

The Furniture and Lighting Adding to the immersive experience is a collection of bespoke furniture created by British designer Max Lamb. Standout pieces include a pink wool suede carpet and a leather sofa blending lotus root powder and positive red hues. Each material and color is thoughtfully balanced, contributing to the store’s dynamic yet harmonious ambiance. Acclaimed designer Benoît Lalloz is behind the lighting installation, presenting a simple and exquisite array of embedded lamps of varying lengths – a distinctive touch to the overall design.

Artistic Touches and Visual Impact Mannequins, crafted by artist Daniel Silver, interact with the space to create a three-dimensional and lively narrative. A striking new blue cube device is dedicated to showcasing the brand’s main denim series, providing a visually arresting centerpiece and sculpting a multifaceted fashion space.

Visit the Reimagined Acne Studios Shenzhen MixC Embark on a unique fashion journey at Shop A1A2T106, T209, 1st Floor, Phase III, MixC City, Luohu District, Shenzhen. Experience the redesigned Acne Studios store and indulge in an elevated retail adventure.

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