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A Cowboy in Paris by Merel Hart

Paris and Brussels-based photographer Merel Hart @merel_hart presents A Cowboy in Paris, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Gustave Khaghani @gustavo_cagani represented by Success Models @successmodels.

This story was inspired by the character of Peter, played by actor Kodi Smit-McPhee, in the Power of the Dog, a movie by Jane Campion. “In the movie, I really love the way Peter is portrayed by Jane Campion,” says the photographer. “He appears tall, frail, strong-minded and stands out amidst the ranching community for his departure from traditional masculine stereotypes. In our fashion story, we wanted to portray this unwavering spirit of Peter.”

“You never know what our model thinks, but you can feel that he doesn’t really care about anyone’s judgments and he doesn’t try to manipulate who he is to meet anyone else’s expectations.”

Merel Hart

The equipment used was a camera Canon 1DX Mark III, with 85 mm and 24-70 mm lenses, and the shooting took place in the streets of Paris.

Model Gustave Khaghani @gustavo_cagani represented by Success Models @successmodels photographed by Merel Hart @merel_hart, styling by Sullivan Gumb @sul.gumb, hair by Adrien Coelho @adriencoelho, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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