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Vanity Teen Issue 14 SS21

We present Vanity Teen Magazine Issue 14 Spring/Summer 2021, with four different covers featuring Fernando Albaladejo @feralbaladejo from Hakim Management, Sekou Keita @kousek_tryvi from 16menparis, Fariba Rahim @faribarahimiofficial and Ivetta Makarova @ivettamakarova.

In this issue, you will find very interesting content. Featuring Aidan Gallagher @aidanrgallagher ‘s interview where he opens up about different topics that concern him, such as environmental issues and mental health, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how he fights for what is right and using his voice to make a change.

“Ignorance (or in some cases the conscious choice of ignorance), is an incredibly selfish standpoint that a lot of people my age are unfortunately taking.”

Aidan Gallagher

Eitan Bernath @eitan is also featured in this issue. The 19-year-old chef, entertainer, and entrepreneur talks about his career, how he started being famous on social media and talks about more personal things, such as why he introduces himself as a feminist and other personal information.

“One of the most important things as a person who creates content on social media is authenticity.”

Eitan Bernath

The contemporary artist THE KID is also featured in this issue, as well as the Elite star Álvaro Rico @alvaroricoladera, talking about how this amazing TV show has changed his life and career and how it has contributed to raising awareness of some of the teenager’s problems, comments on other projects and shares some personal stories that allow us to know him better.

“Fame or success might come as the result of our work, but those things should not be part of our goals, our job is something else.”

Álvaro Rico

Fariba Rahim @faribarahimiofficial ‘s interview is also included in this issue, as well as the interview with the amazing Paris-based artist Damien Blottière @damien.blottiere and Birk Thomassen @birk_thomassen.

Besides the interviews, this issue also features really stunning fashion editorials with non-other than Cameron Dallas @camerondallas, the gorgeous Ivetta Makarova @ivettamakarova and many other exclusive and amazing shots!

1st cover featuring Fernando Albaladejo @feralbaladejo from Hakim Management, photography & styling by Hector Tre, MUAH Mariona Botella and Art Direction: Tamara Pérez Durán Pitu Fernandez, wearing Kust.

2nd cover featuring Sekou Keita @kousek_tryvi from 16menparis, photography: Alexandre Ean, Stylist: Sullivan Gumb, MUAH: Amanda Silaen, Wearing: earrings Maitrepierre

3rd cover Fariba Rahim @faribarahimiofficial Photography: Maurizio Montani Wardrobe stylist: Michela Anderloni Creative director: Gloria Montani Wearing: Coat Sandro Ferrone

4th cover Ivetta Makarova @ivettamakarova photography: Amer Mohamad Stylist: Alena Pryimakova MUAH: Mariyam Osmanova and Anton Zimin Light bold Moscow Assitant Wearing: Coats, Off-White

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