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United Colors of Benetton F/W 2016 United Colors of Benetton F/W 2016 Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


United Colors of Benetton F/W 2016

Dominik Sadoch (@dominiksadoch) at AS Management Kit Butler (@kitbutlerr) and Bakay Diaby (@iambakay) at Bananas, Willow Hand (@willow.hand) at Premier, Mayowa Nicholas (@mayowanicholas) at Elite London, and Hyun Ji Shin (@iamhyunjishin) at IMG star in the Fall 2016 campaign of United Colors of Benetton photographed by Giulio Rustichelli (@giuliochelli) under the artistic direction of Marco Braga (@marcobraga) and Giuliano Federico (@giulianofederico)styling by Aurora Sansone (@auroraeleone) with hairstyle by Gabriele Trezzi (@gabrytrezzi) and makeup by Luca Cianciolo (@lucacianciolo).



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