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Top 3 K-pop Tracks of August 2022 Top 3 K-pop Tracks of August 2022 Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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Top 3 K-pop Tracks of August 2022

We’ve reached the peak months of summer, but fortunately for music lovers, K-pop artists were prepared to provide us with several refreshing tracks that are completely capable of getting us through even the hottest days to come. 

Stacked with some of the biggest names in the industry, this month saw the inspiring revival of influential SM Entertainment titans and trailblazers Girls’ Generation, modern icons BLACKPINK and the incomparable charismatic JYPE group TWICE, so as expected, this was yet another month where the well-rounded women of K-pop totally dominated. 

With that being said – here are a few of the best of the best releases from August that you’ll want to add to your playlist ASAP! 

Girls’ Generation: “Summer Night” 

Hear me out! I know that Girls’ Generation’s comeback single “Forever1” is definitely the most appropriate comeback track – and it offers total pop music perfection in every way possible. However, the track “Summer Night” brings a Sunny-heavy focus and some of the group’s best R&B work to date. Every SNSD song from the album could be included on this list, but “Summer Night” just happens to be a dark horse track that deserves its time to shine. 

Also, the impeccable riffs, final chorus, and insane harmonies are enough to have you hitting repeat by the time the track ends, so if you haven’t heard this one already… you’re welcome! 

IVE: “After LIKE” 

IVE is turning into a super-rookie K-pop group right before our eyes, having already found themselves on a previous list of ours for their “Love Dive” debut. Now, the group’s third single “After LIKE” taps into a retro ‘70s theme, with a sample of Gloria Gaynor’s disco mega-hit “I Will Survive” to fully commit to the nostalgic style and present a kaleidoscope-like production with a synthy pop additive. 

This is definitely a pivot from the IVE we’ve heard, and we’re genuinely not mad about it! 

TWICE: “Talk that Talk”

When TWICE announces that a comeback is imminent, fans have the clear comfort of knowing that glittery feel-good content is sure to follow! With the group’s new mini album Between 1&2, we get to see TWICE expand their already prominent discography with grace, however, the title track “Talk that Talk” is a serious reminder that the powerhouse unit never misses a concept.

The single openly claims a Y2K inspiration within its colorful DNA – becoming a glorious pop music spectacle worth celebrating. Now that the entire group has made the commitment to extend their contract, the future is looking even brighter for Once!

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