Heat by Agustin Farias

Model Franco Velastiqui (I.G. @francoinyourmind) starts in ''Heat'', an exclusive story by Photographer Agustin Farias (I.G @agustinfar) at Universe managment (I.G. @universemanagement) styled with pieces by Pablo Bernard (I.G. @pablo_bernard) Alen Bs as (I.G. @alenbsas) and Bowen (I.G. @bowenlondonuk). Exclusive for Vanity…

Alejandro Glikman by Agustin Farias

''One hour in Berlin'' is photographer Agustin Farias  @agustinfarias exclusive editorial shot in Berlin and starring Alejandro Glikman  @alenotienelaculpa at Universe management @universemanagement. Exclusive For Vanity Teen! [irp]

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