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Sifis Farantakis: I love this job

Sifis Farantakis is a young model who comes from the cradle of Western civilization. To be more precise, he is from Crete, one of the most famous islands in this magnificent country we know as Greece.

Among other things, his seductive gaze, his sculptural body, and his buoyant personality have allowed him to become one of the most prestigious new faces in modeling.

Sifis Farantakis
Sifis Farantakis | Photo by Joey Leo

Since we knew that you wanted to know more about this young man who came to stay, we approached him with this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen to talk about his life and the odyssey of living by pursuing his goals and be able to state things like: “I love this job.”

Sifis Farantakis
Sifis Farantakis | Photo by Joey Leo

I love this job

VT: You were born in Chania, a city of Crete, one of the most enigmatic islands in Greece. Therefore, what do you cherish the most about the Minoan culture?

SF: I love Crete! I would recommend it to everyone for the summer holidays. There are buildings from the Minoan culture that are still available to visit, and they are amazing.

VT: How do you remember yourself as a kid?

SF: As a kid, I used to be at the beach all day long or playing sports games with my friends. I also loved and still love food; that’s why I used to be a bit overweight as a kid.

VT: Which of those qualities do you still have from that child you were?

SF: I am still visiting my village to see my family as often as I can. I love this place because it reminds me of my childhood memories.

VT: How did you start your modeling career?

SF: When I moved to Thessaloniki for my university studies, I was wondering if I could be a model. Then, I just applied to an agency, and they asked me to send them some photos, measurements, etc. so, this is how my modeling career started.

VT: Which are some of the most challenging things you have done in your career?

SF: I haven’t done something too challenging yet, but I am prepared for everything because I love this job.

Sifis Farantakis
Sifis Farantakis | Photo by Joey Leo

Something amazing

VT: How do you stay in shape?

SF: I try to be active all day, and I hate sitting at a desk; it just feels awful to me. Therefore, I go for a run every morning, and at night, I do weights. I have five days of training and two days off. Also, my diet is on point because, in my opinion, this is key to staying in shape.

VT: What do you enjoy about social media and the ways you interact with your followers?

SF: The way they are giving me their love is something marvelous. They are supporting me every day. That’s something I appreciate a lot and helps me keep going.

VT: What can you share with us about your plans for the future and upcoming projects?

SF: I have never been to another country for modeling; so, it’s in my plans for the future. But so far, I just want to finish my studies and find the perfect time to travel.

VT: What are some of your habits to preserve mental health?

SF: I do not overthink. Whenever I feel like I don’t have the motivation, I watch videos, speeches, and things like that. It helps me a lot to keep going.

VT: What message would you like to share with those who might be facing difficult times nowadays?

SF: Everything happens for a reason, and we have to face it.

Facing your difficulties will make you stronger, for sure.

Sifis Farantakis
Sifis Farantakis | Photo by Joey Leo


Model: @sifis__farantakis

Photographer: @joeyleo

Agency: @vnmodels @nolimitsmodelsagency

Before we go

The Greek poet Constantine Cavafy, inspired by Homer´s epic poem the Odyssey, wrote the following words: “As you set out for Ithaka, hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.” And it looks like Sifis Farantakis is approaching this poetic advice to live his life to the fullest while working hard to make his dreams come true.

Besides, you already knew that Crete was an ancestral destination that we all should visit at least once in our lives. So, now I am sure that knowing Sifis Farantakis is inviting us all to meet the beauties of that island, you would like to make plans to make that trip as soon as possible.

So let’s hope we can all get there and enjoy all the good things Greece has to offer. But as we wait for that moment to come, let us keep track of the career of Sifis Farantakis and let us keep seeing him unfolding new adventures and take over the world by modeling, one of the things he loves the most.

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