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Sick Connections by Cate Colapietro

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. To celebrate the month of “love and friendship” we present the editorial “Sick Connections”, by art directors Cate Colapietro @cateh__, @catecolapietro, and Kat Tymoshchuk @katymoshchuk. An exclusive story that invites us to reflect on how difficult it is to find an authentic and real connection, especially if it is shared by different people.

Featuring models Medea @medea.pi, Andrea @theandreacozzolino, and Lidia @_lidiarebecchi at Badd by Monster Management @monster_badd, the story was captured under the lens of photographer Cate Colapietro with styling by Kat Tymoshchuk.

About the story the photographer and art director Cate Colapietro commented:

“I want to let people feel and reflect on the feelings of the story because nowadays is difficult to find an authentic and real relationship, especially if this is shared by different people. Extreme connectivity, publicity of personal data, technologies interfering in every aspect of our lives, global crisis, and frequency of shocking news playing a game with the psycho. Swiping left and right, liking and disliking easily makes reality distorted, life unhealthy, in a different way, and expend. Sincere connection is fragile and rare… When it becomes strong, a connection is indeed something we can’t easily cut, it doesn’t burn with the bridge, even after it’s out of our life. As every human experiences, it changes us and becomes a part of our personality. It can heal or ruin us, especially when we still try to control what doesn’t belongs to us. Somebody would call it love, somebody an obsession.
The moodboard for “Sick Connections” combined the artistic visions of the art directors, a mix between “creepy” and futuristic. The color palette includes red and black as key elements. On the posing, the directors wanted to reflect something that was both connected but at the same time “disconnected”. According to them, “The color red can have multiple and contrasting meanings: love or paranoia… it is at this point where the viewer will understand which side to be on.”

The directors’ style is reflected through a minimalist but strong atmosphere, as the use of very few materials is strong and useful to understand the story. Also, the story is dark and reflects a mixed vision of reality and the physical world, projecting it in a modern and contemporary vision in which everyone can see themselves reflected.

Sick Connections by Cate Colapietro

Art Directors: Cate Colapietro & Kat Tymoshchuk
Photographer: Cate Colapietro @cateh__ , @catecolapietro
Assistant photographer and digital: Michele Fogazzi @fogazzim
Stylist: Kat Tymoshchuk @katymoshchuk
Assistant Stylist: José Andrés @vimon_mag
MUA: Letizia Longo @oblak.mua
Hair: Martina Ierardi @mrtnbeauty
Talents: @monster_badd
Medea @monster_badd @medea.pi
Andrea @monster_badd @theandreacozzolino
Lidia @monster_badd @_lidiarebecchi

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