SHOOP SS'23: the essentials of new minimalism and sophistication SHOOP SS'23: the essentials of new minimalism and sophistication Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

SHOOP SS’23: the essentials of new minimalism and sophistication

SHOOP (@shoopclothing), by Miriam Sanz & Yohei Oki, have your closet ready for the Spring-Summer ’23 season, as they present a collection inspired by the essentials, featuring clean and minimalist pieces, which translates into a series of carefully selected pieces that are high quality, ethically made and with the characteristic style of elegance and contemporaneity that distinguish the brand.

The collection is made up of asymmetric garments which focus on materials and details proposing silhouettes in neutral colors (such as grey, white or black) combined with overlapping garments that form different looks within the same aesthetic.

Among the materials and details, the use of denim in garments and accessories, 2-in-1 silk scarves, classic garments reinterpreted with elements inspired by westerns, music, and uniforms stand out.

SHOOP SS23 continues to defend responsible consumption, manufacturing small productions, high-quality garments that
last over time and reusing leftover fabrics from previous seasons (New Life Serie).

The collection is once again closed by the collaboration with New Rock, maintaining the M-Impact, M-Met, and M-Wall
classic models only in black color.

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